• by monsen
  • posted Nov 26, 2007

Watch this

shes adorable, I love her striped socks...


more color please! love the bubble monsters


do you mean the flying bubbles? actually are this bubblemonsters ladybirds ^^


I was also going to ask "why are they monsters?"..... they are ladybirds?...... I like bubblemonsters concept better :)

The one she is inflating looks like a face with fangs.


This is adorable, but I wish it had more detail. Some shines on the bubbles or something.

As cute as ladybirds are, I wish they were equally cute monsters. Still, I love it.


i totally agree on the more detail part... some shine here and there... mebbe make the bubblemonsters (haha!) a light blue, as to make it/ them look more solid and less like lines; then you can also add shine details to them.

also, consider working on her front (right) foot... fix it abit. it kinda looks like its bending inwards. while i know this is possible, its not to that degree. go ahead, try it!

turn it left (towards the leg) slightly, and then make the toebox slightly wider (by a few points), then correct the outline accordingly... oh, consider adding some more weight to the lines to give it definition and depth!

...wow. i just realized that she and i are wearing the EXACT same socks... no lie. when i went to see if i could twist my foot like that, i totally forgot... hahaha! lame!


too much blue...little more color and i'd buy it


not a fan of the colors. agreed, too much blue. throw a color in the sock or a few outlines to help it pop. really cute illustration.


wow she s really pretty, im a total blue fan, so dis s my kinda tee!!...gud work, n pls check out my design also!!tnx


It's a way cute concept, but not quite a $5 for me. I love bubble girl ... and I love that she's blue. But her bubble monster/ladybirds freak me out (and keep me from wanting to buy this shirt). If she were creating big, lucious shiny bubbles I'd buy it in an instant.


I love the design, but like a few people said, more colour would be great. As it stands right now, I could stencil this shirt myself quite easily, but the thing I like about threadless is that it will often have more complex designs that don't work as well with stencils. But still, seriously, SO CUTE!


what is stencils??? i looked in my dictionary and found a describtion that it means routine or template??!!


totally cute. use more colors like baby blue n grey to bring out the design..? and i thought she was blowing out pufferfish..which would make sense since they get all big n bubbly, yea?


I love the design, but a bit more color and depth to make it a $5.


I totally would buy this...It's SO cute!! $5


this is great, the hair's awesome, whole thing completely works as is. any more detail would denigrate the simple beauty. corker! $5


i like the unqiue bubbles =)


Aww, so cute! ^^. I would buy it. Lol, I thought the little bobbles where monsters xp Gave it 5.


really cute work.


i really like it!

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