ride me like a pig

pigs love flamingos and flamingos love pigs

Watch this

pigs love flamingos and flamingos love pigs


i don't like the color of the shirt. and the whole concept isn't wow worthy.


this looks awesome, i really hope this one gets printed!!


It's strange but I like it.


bieke, who the fuck are you nd why do you keep liking this stuff?


mlrasche, it's just a personal opinion. I think it's cute, though I don't really get it, but still I like it.


oh come on, i just think the pig and turtle are really cute


Gosh, why don't you people see these designs are way cuter than what many guys among you draw?these tee's are simple, cute and funny, I would buy them in an instant!
good job, playdotexe!

Hi my name is

The problem that I have with this design is anyone with ms paint could do this. this shirt is lacking any "PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN". This website is stock full of great designers like: Glennz, d3d, roadkill3d, fatheed, frankz and many others. When I compare this stuff to them all I can do is wonder why you would think this should get a 5. I'm sorry to be so blunt but this website is based on competition.


I don't get it.
Cute. Too fakey, need artisticness.


For hi my name is:
No disrespect intended, as I'm sure you know a lot more about threadless than I do (I haven't been around long). I completely agree that this website is about competition. But you're wrong in thinking that it's about artistic competition. It's not about who can make their design look like it took a long time to do, and it's not about who best uses principles of design.
The competition is for who can make a t-shirt that will get a lot of votes and subsequently sell a lot of t-shirts and make threadless a lot of money. If you're right, and the threadless community cares more about principles of design and making a design that couldn't be done in MS paint, then this design will not get many votes and not get picked. But it doesn't hurt to submit it in case you're wrong, does it?


i didn't know that pigs love flamingoes and vice versa...you learn something new everyday


agree with gtoast99. Threadless IS based on competition.. but not of artistic talent. just who can design a tshirt that people love and will buy, MS paint or otherwise.


It's cute, but the title confuses me and also it sounds a little dirty =o


i totally agreed with gtoast99 even I am still new in this competition .


tekent da maar is op mijnen doopfrak!

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