I love Darwin

  • by ERfromTM
  • posted Nov 22, 2007

Watch this

duuuude. if it were "I (and then one of those man evolving walk-by things [in red]) Darwin"! Sold gold! As is, its neat and clean and it even looks like you took the time to warp the type to match the contours of the skull. Kudos. 4.


I don't want to be 'that guy' but that looks more like an ape skull than a hominid skull.

I like the idea though.


love it. but then again, im an anthropology student.


I want one! I agree with Bibliophile, I absolutely love it to death...and am an anthropology student. If it prints, I'm buying!


if we evolved from apes...why are there still apes?


if we evolved from apes...why are there still apes?


if we evolved from apes...why are there still apes?


if we evolved from apes...why are there still apes?

smitten kitten

um that's a heart, 5 for your design :)


but, davesmith, tht would read 'i evolved from Darwin'


I agree with crlyqgyrl
I agree with crlyqgyrl
I agree with crlyqgyrl
I agree with crlyqgyrl


Does every shirt you do revolve around Darwin? Why?


i think that in white it's better, nice scientific draw

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If God made all the animals for us...why are there mosquitoes? Or tapeworms? Or shrimp dwelling in vents 2 miles below the ocean where we can't really get to them? Why is the planet covered mostly in water when we don't even have gills for that matter?


you do realize that anthropologists aren't real scientists...they're Darwinoids!!! They ignore true science and overlook the millions of holes in Darwin's theories that even he doubted...if you do any amount of CURRENT research, you'll see Darwinism is only upheld by those who WANT to believe what is considered among modern scientists (not tenured anthro profs in academialand) as outdated and inaccurate science (if it was ever really about science rather than philosophy). Darwin's only famous for questioning creation -- he proved nothing! He only provoked a different idea (and used very poor science to do it). Remember, science is what it IS not what you'd WISH it to be! Science 101 = observation. I love the use of the word 'evolve'--don't you mean 'mutate' (for which there is little, if any, evidence showing any benefits to any species)?

whisper in water

lol @ these comments. I didn't know there were still people out there who don't believe in evolution...

This design is nerdily awesome, by the way.


i was going to say what whisper in water said in not so great of words

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Any idiot knows that Darwin only planted the seed for the theory of evolution (which isn't a "theory" in the sense that any pleb might have a theory about who their girlfriend is cheating on them with but rather refers to any scientific hypothesis with TONS and TONS of independent studies supporting the theory). The theory of evolution has become much broader than just Darwin's writings on the matter. You do realize gravity is "just a theory" too, right?


thinks that branch off from its beginning can still co-exist with its ancestor species.


The teeth and line around alveolar bone look off. Maybe the teeth are too big? I understand the reasoning behind continuing the line from above the teeth and up the right side of the skull, but it stands out too much on black and flattens the whole skull, which I don't think is your intention.

I really like your design.


to the person who said that all animals were created for us...
whoever told you that is a complete moron.
all animals have their own lives to live and were not put here for us at all.
that is a frickin' joke.
five for the shirt


awesome design..really like the sketchy style

Bio-bot 9000
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if we evolved from apes...why are there still apes?

that question is dumb and fallacious.

if i descended from my parents, why are my parents still alive?

if I descended from people in europe, why are there still europeans?

Evolution doesnt work by complete species becoming new species, it works by small populations becoming separate from the rest, so that gene flow is interrupted. if your tribe doesn't mate with another tribe for hundreds of years, differences will arise in each tribe (that's how humans have races). if you don't mate with another tribe for thousands or millions of years, well the probability of having healthy, viable offspring decreases, and pretty soon you wouldn't be able to mate with the other tribe even if you wanted to. thus you and the other tribe would be of different species, even if you may look similar, and each group is then free to change as much or as little as necessitated by your environment, without genetically influencing the other.

and 'Dawinism' (better referred to as Natural Selection, which was but one of Darwin's proposals) is by far the most evident theory based on the scientific method. everything about it is based on observations. You see fossil animals that dont exist today, but the most recent fossils look more like today's animals than more ancient ones look like today's animals. The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection may not be able to explain everything yet, but it is the best tool scientists currently have for predicting, describing, and comparing patterns in the fossil record and in living organisms.

Captain Global

Why don't you guys take your little "Darwin vs Creation" fight somewhere else?

I really like the design on the black shirt. It makes it seem more like a sketch an archaeologist might make at a dig site.


ahhaha.. thanx to everyone...
...it's good to see how many people likes to put their comments around a tee design.. this look so funny for me..
thanx for your vote


Veery cool. Darwin rocks. I'm doing a paper on him, lol.


im so glad im catholic and not christian..that way i believe in both God and Evolution. woooo. yeah i like the sketch design. everything seems pretty accurate. but i think the teeth need a little more definition of where the bottom and top are. a total 5!

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