Life after Death

Yet another creation of mine, hope you enjoy

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Yet another creation of mine, hope you enjoy


I like the lightest blue one the best. Excelent line art. $5


This is more or less a tattoo design than a t-shirt design, but I think it works both ways.


I am in -love- with the dark grey shirt.



yeah this is a winner for sure


Absolutely beautiful and amazing on ALL COLORS. Very few shirt subs have that kind of versatility. I'm partial to the black/dark grey one, but that's just personal taste, this is a $5 on ALL colors.

I love the purple as well. :)


I like your red squiggles on this much more than your first sub. Really nice on the dark grey or red.

Closet Weevil

I like the olive one the best, or the brown.


im not really into the whole "real skull" thing
but its well done so i wont give you a bad score ha


make it black with purple thing in the back and i would buy it..


another skull?!? I had no idea this site attracted so many pirates!


Crossing my fingers! 5!


It looks like a tumor or something.


I am glad that you guys are saying and seeing a lot out of this image. Yes I do love pirates, but that has nothing to do with this piece and c'mon, a tumor, really? So far it is at a request to see it on the Dark Grey and Olive colored shirt, which it what I would be going with if it wins. Any other color choice would be welcome and put into consideration.


Brown is one of the top colors I had in mind. The other one was Asphalt.


I like it I think the best shirt colors are the light blue, dark(er) blue (what would you call that ?__? ), and the red shrit. It does look good on the dark grey but its a little too drab for me

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