• by boris99
  • posted Nov 21, 2007

Watch this

dude. Your head was in the right place. You could have found a way better image of a gun to posterize(or vector) than that. Two of em, tucked on either side, with some effort in the stylizing, and this could have been simple but awesome.


thats... kinda stupid not gunna lie...


like the idea but i think you need a bigger gun. It would be cool if there was a bandana around the neck too.. like a cheesy cowboy in a wild west show down.

caleb haws

yup. certainly worth $15. after all, it is a $3 t-shirt with 25 cents of ink on it.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Even if the gun was detailed and rendered and executed with SOME style...I'd still hate the concept and it's connonations.


i find the simplicity fantastic


gun couldve had more detail

made me remember
a kid got suspended for drawing a gun for his art project


i don't like the idea of this shirt...couldn't wear it many places without possible causing a stir


I like the idea, but I've seen (printed) shirts with this design before.. You could make it work a little better by making the gun bigger and placing it a little higher


i love all the comments, even the mean ones, remember, be mean!


I do not think most people would like it.
I don't like it.


your turkey shirt has got to be the stupidest t-shirt ever


geez coming from the turkey shirt guy, that really hurts


Regardless of any designs tribalconcepts may or may not have done, he has a point: It's been done many times before. (I don't particularly like it, either, but that's beside the point.)

I don't think dissing on his design is the best way to respond to a criticism of yours.


good idea with subpar execution. if the gun was bigger (this looks like a derringer and who'd have that?), more detailed, and stylized (so as to not freak out the man) it would work very well.


Oh, don't despair. Your t-shirts may be simple, but that isn't a bad thing, as they do get printed sometimes. The petal shirt was kind of nifty, so don't give up!


Gun's too small and the shirt doesn't stand out as much, but it's a really good idea.


Not a great design - certainly not worth the money when I can grab a sharpie and do that myself.

Learn to take critique and take it in stride.

Mlle Ooh La La

Nice idea, but its definitely been done before.


i just wrote a very long commentary, guess there is a word limit here. Not proud of my reaction to turkey boy, it was a defensive move. But a simple 'it's been done' would suffice, mean-spirited comments don't help any of us. So make your score, and give us some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. (and if you're gonna dis someone,
at least be good.)


bandana would have been great


lol you're a spaz

Captain Global

Why use a revolver? All the cool people are packing a 9mm.


seriously, why are we obsessed with these things?

how many people think weapons and warfare are
handy/necessary/interesting/ just fun isn't it

a colour (distribution of light energy versus wavelength) is all of those things, and we generally dont try to use one to kill/bribe/rape/etc/etc/etc eachother


i don't think this is stupid at all. it's a really great idea. i would listen to DaveSmith's suggestion.


sooo boring. (sorry.)

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