how do hoodie sizes run?

  • by rescued
  • posted Nov 21, 2007

i'm looking to buy this hoodie in a large, especially since there's only a few left..but i don't want it to be too small. i usually buy my shirts in a large, and xl's are sold out or i would just upgrade to that.

any ideas on this?

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Rachel Ray Gun
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hoodies are unisex, so for girls they run a little large. if you wear a girly L shirt, you might want to go for a M hoodie


so, if I wear a xl girly, then a L hoodie would be good right?


Well, it may not help since I don't have pictures of a large hoodie, but I do have a size comparison blog showing how XS, S and M hoodies fit me as well as how S, M and L girly tees fit me. It might be worth a look to see how the other sizes fit.

Size comparison blog!


I wear a girly XL and I wear a Medium hoodie. The large will be big on you if anything, it won't be too small.


I wear a medium girly tee and i got a small hoodie
It's pretty big on me, but i love huge hoodies
so if you wanted a more form fitting one, i bet you could go for two sizes smaller?


dang. a medium fits you?

hm..well the XL girly is kinda tight on I think the large hoodie would fit okay.

I'll try it on before I ask anyone here to trade.


i wear a men's large too because of one certain part of my body that the girly size just doesn't like. it's sold out regardless, so i think i'll opt for an xl with the reprint! thanks everyone!

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