I've just placed an order for two t-shirts.
One of which is the all-popular "Now that's Dope" and the other is the older "Relax and Dream of Nothing."
Looking back on past bought t-shirts ,and counting the number of ones I still have, made me realize how damn impulsive I was with buying threadless t-shirts.
It's so darn intoxicating!
You can just click! click! click! and you're done.
$29.50 later and you're that much closer to a couple brand new t-shirts with pretty cool pictures on them that may or may not make your friends laugh. Grade A cool, right?
But was it worth it?
Now that I'm past my fanatic buying-spree phase, I'd have to say, unfortunately, for the most part, no.
But I have put the ones I don't like any more to good use by giving them to second-hand stores and friends who can't afford them.
Important tips I'd suggest are:

  1. Look at the damn shirt for a while. Do you like it, or are you caught up in the fact that's it's new and makes you giggle?

  2. Picture yourself in a crowd of people wearing it. Will anyone stare at you (don't deny it, we ALL care what people think and if you try to argue with me you've just proved my statement).

  3. If it's something like "Marshmallow Factory" realizeyour humour is only directed to a certain crowd.

  4. Consider yourself in half a year liking this shirt?

  5. Are you in an age group appropriate for even wearing that shirt? I'm serious. It's not a big thing but still a 55 year old wearing "The Morning After" isn't as funny as a 17 year-old.

Seriously though.
It's real money going towards real things
that you may not even like a year down the road.
And this may be me being a serious stick up the ass stickler but you're spending your money, your parent's money, who-ever, on something that you may or may not have liked in the first place.

Watch this

you're right, one has to consider closely why they want to buy a shirt. but i'm usually not impulsive enough when it comes to deciding for threadless shirts, so now i had to hurry to get one of the last five "now that's dope" girly m shirts. in this case, i'm sure i'll love it for a long time. it's funny (and not in a way that would offend anyone) and i probably look good in the color. along with it i just ordered "the greatest connection" (of which i'm not too crazy about that gold color, but the print is just awesome) and "sink yourself" (which i like a lot due to its possible abstract interpretation). so, i guess i'm well off. :)


I completely agree. I discovered this site last year during the holiday sale, and I've been hooked ever since. I think I started off buying 10 shirts during that sale, and with each sale following (Spring Break, Summer, Back-2-School), I found I've purchased more shirts progressively with each sale.

It's gotten to the point where I face a dilemma every morning deciding which cool shirt to wear... there's just too many to choose from! But yeah... lately, though, I've found I've been more impulsive when it comes to shirts that are close to selling out in my size (Girly M)--particularly with first edition shirts. After every sale I say to myself "Okay, that's it..." But I always end up coming back every Monday to see what's new. It's an obsession... like my crack addiction. :)


it seems like all girls have to race to get the m shirts, everyone needs them. i really think they should have like a threadless forum in here for people selling used threadless shirts.
y'gotta ween yourself off it ...


note: received shirts on december 10th.


I only have one shirt that i regret buying. It's called Confessions of a Jock: I killed A Nerd, or something like that. I just don't feel like it's something I like to wear. It's weird to wear a shirt with glasses on it when I wear glasses. But although I like it, I'm sometimes annoyed by Peace and Hate: Can You tell the Difference, because whenever my brother is in town, I happen to be wearing it, and he invariably doesn't get it, and it's hard to explain, and then I make my little joke about reading it left to right and this being the explanation for the wars in the Middle East, and then he looks at me like I have an extra head. But most of the time, when I buy a shirt here, I love it for the rest of time and wear it until it dies.

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