Why why whhhhhyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee? Already sold out!? I love this and now I will have to wait God knows how long for the reprint. :(

Watch this

shakes fist wildly

It was just in my cart last night and I was on the phone with a friend and I saw it sell out and I screamed in agony during the conversation.


what the hell!
It's alsready sold out!
I really want this tee, since i'm doing silent cinema, it'd be funny to wear this to lecture.


Serves me right for not logging in for a couple of days :(

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Man, i wish they'd reserve a few fro the slogan club folks dammit! lol. I didn't get one either....oh well, I guess everyone who bought something in the sale bought one of these tees! Cause it's awesome!


Man, I go away for three hours and everything is GONE/


Same here! Argh, I was just telling everyone I knew about the awesomeness of this shirt....and now it's sold out! I sort of expected it, but I was hoping, as it's the Christmas sale until Dec. 16, they'd plan ahead and print more. But maybe they did, who knows. :C


Hmm. Another post like this. I can understand people who log on too late, but I honestly have no idea why you would stick something in your cart and wait. What are you waiting for? Just buy the damn thing the next time you see something you 'love'.


I tried to get it on Monday but my connection timed out, and then when I went back on Tuesday it was gone! Sadness!


I had it in my cart and was shopping around some more... and then it was gone! May I cry?

@Flippinheck: Because if you live outside the U.S. you can't afford buying one t-shirt at a time. ;)


Maiko2: That's a pretty good reason, I guess. Not to worry, this shirt's sold out so fast that I imagine it'll be reprinted very soon.

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