As much as i like the concept and execution of this shirt...

  • by OlliRudi
  • posted Nov 19, 2007

...The seemingly randomly chosen year of 1920 kind of annoys me. There were movies that attempted to adapt literature way earlier than that (edison's 1910 adaptation of frankenstein springs to mind, i'm sure there are earlier examples that are common knowledge)

while the birth year of basic cinema technology is considered 1888, if you want to go a bit more realistic(ie movies with a semblance of plot) somewhere between 1900-1905 would make a lot more sense

Watch this

i actually noticed this somewhat "random" date choosing this morning.


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well, as stated earlier, at least as early as 1910

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but something along the lines of 95% of the movies produced before 1925 have since gone awol, so it's kinda hard to know for sure


internetz aiding in nitpicking since 1993

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(those numbers are probably wildly incorrect, btw...just going off basic memory here)

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nitpicking is kinda like a mix of jenga and mikado

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yeah a bit weird. i suppose maybe it's because a lot of the ol' talkies came out in the 20's.


maddingo: hitting the nail on the head since Nov 20 '07 at 12:36am

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but now we got all these great 3dies and big imaxies and stuff. and soon full focusies!

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"talkies? those will never catch on!"


It's not random. In America movies became widely available to the general public in the 1920's because of the prosperity resulting from WWI. In the 1920's is when the average American began routinely going to the movies and doing other cultural activities that wealth allowed. Damn, sorry for sounding pretentious, I'm in paper writing mode.


also it is in the twenties when the Studio system becomes fairly well established

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you make a good point there. and "since the 1920's" would have made more sense than plain 1920 in that respect, but as is, it feels like it's not fulfilling its potential. still a good shirt, mind you.

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I agree it's a strange number, but i don't have an issue with the 1920 except like someone else said with the "roundness" of it. 1921 might have been a better choice but who cares...this shirt is selling like hotcakes made with crack frosting.


I just thought it was to simple and dark for $10. Black shirts just don't last that long. If it was on gray I probably would have bought it...

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all i know is the 1910 version of the wizard of oz is a hell of a lot crappier than the 1939 version.


i know Birth of A Nation came out in 1915 (and originally screened in LA as "The Clansman"... the movie is based on two Thomas Dixon's novels The Clansman and The Leopard's Spots.)

that shit is RACIST!!!! (if only i wasn't too lazy to go find that little black kid saying "that's racist" gif... meh... fuck it...

what teh fuck ????


and now da Boondocks is on...YAY!

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On a side note of sorts, the film that is regarded as the first ever feature film was the Australian film The Story of the Kelly Gang. It came out in 1906

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way to ruin the shirt for me. i was perfectly satisfied with the date but now i'm scared film nerds would mock me.

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I'm with you d3d... I was going to buy it for my boyfriend but now I'm afraid that some film nerds (and we know a few) will mock him if I were to buy it.

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I remember Ross and others researching the year and his findings backed it up... I can't recall all the details so I'm going to leave now

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Gah. I've bought it. Shimala! Come back here!

black tie affair

I see what you mean, but I still love this shirt. I wrote an essay on Gulliver's Travels and there was a film made in 1902 in france.

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d3d on Nov 20 '07 at 1:41am
film nerds, ruining the shirt since november 20th '07



If any annoying film nerd tries to criticize this shirt because of such a silly detail, I'm going to thoroughly bash their head in with my hardcover copy of In Search of Lost Time. It is still funny, even though blahblahequipment was already invented and blahblahmovies had already been made.

I don't actually have a hardcover copy of In Search of Lost Time but it's the longest book I could think of... and therefore the most effective.

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D.W. Griffith: Hatin' on Other People Since 1915

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yeah I was goign to say something about the popularity of movies not starting till around that time but some one beat me to it


Oh man! My best friend is a film nerd. She'll mock me forever now.

uffish thoughts

I'd say that the date was perhaps cleverly and ironically chosen with the same regard for accuracy that movie adaptations employ.


I agree I would say that most would agree that the first movie was The Great Train Robbery in 1903. If the design was just off by a little it wouldnt be so bad.


I'd say that the date was perhaps cleverly and ironically chosen with the same regard for accuracy that movie adaptations employ.

Perhaps ironically, this argument a variation of the same argument I've used to point out the layers of genius in Alanis' "Ironic." i.e. The fact that many of the examples of irony in the lyrics are, in fact, not really ironic. (Ironically, I don't actually like the song at all. I just think it's funny to talk it up in this way.)

The double irony trick would serve this shirt well when defending it from film nerds. I'm glad someone pointed it out because I wouldn't have thought of it myself, and I just ordered one for my girlfriend.

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