THREADSPOTTING (11/19): Threadless Confessional

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Nov 19, 2007

Heyo! Hope everyone is enjoying the awesome sale and that crazy song! Expect more fun fun fun to come.

Someone sent me a picture of John Ralston sporting Threadless and it reminded me about this pic that Craig snapped a few weeks ago...

Hey, i know that guy in the middle!

Firstly, I have to give props to my friends in Suburban Legends. Emily sent over this pic of Victor wearing Fake Pandas Have More Fun. They recently had an awful thing happen to them on tour. Someone stole their van AND trailer with all of their equipment and clothes! That sucks. You can read the whole story at their website AND how you can help.

Here's John Ralston sporting Infinity MPG while on tour with Dashboard Confessional. Thanks Marjorie for the heads up. Check out his website for upcoming tour dates and go see him! It's great stuffs.

Jess found this image at GU Comics! Amazing! Ol boy on the left is "wearing" Cow Puzzle. Pretty great that we're showing up in comics! Can you find anymore?

You all get STP's! STP's for all!!!

Watch this

Yay! Check out my other pics from the show here!


A very musical threadspotting this week


that GU Comics pretty steadily uses threadless shirts, it is very funny


two strips earlier (and probably several more than that)


I guess this is where we post if we see Threadless tee anywhere.. right?
Well I don't know if anyone noticed this but Alice from Ace of Cakes is wearing this shirt on the show right now.

Tiny Toy Talons


woah! I didnt know the picture was this big. sorry

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