Electric Rainbow

Black or Dark Grey

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Electric Rainbow

Black or Dark Grey


Wow, I love it! Simple and awesome. 5 from me.

But... the spectrum's in the wrong order! Roy G. Biv dontcha know.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i would like this more if it wasn't at the bottom of the shirt


Poor placement for a kickass design. Perfectly highlights the crotch.


zappy crotch.


thanks for the comments, i agree about the placement lol it's a shame I can't change it now. I may create a completly revamped & different version, moved up :p

Closet Weevil

You should do a corner rainbow rather than move it up. Like, make it an even bigger arch but only half is showing. It would come off the side and end at the bottom of the shirt. I like it a lot though.


I would switch the blue and the green. Green should come in between yellow and blue, obviously.


I love the design, and the colors really stand out on the black great job.

Regular Wombat

nice job but there are way too many shirts wiht a bright simple design on black. this needs something else to stand out.


crotch placement, classic mistake.
nice design though.

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