The Mountain Called 'Hand'

Watch this

Way cool, love it.


thats a weird pinky


The pinky and the thumb are similar in height. Otherwise it's a nice design.


The pinky and the thumb are similar in height. Otherwise it's a nice design.


phallic much?
veiny and throbbing.
thats all i can see


^^^Seen too many phalluses.

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I don't know anyone with a triangular penis, but still 2 because I don't really get what it's trying to say, and even for a random sub it's not really "entertaining" random. But that's just my opinion. Also I would like it more if the trees could blend into the shirt more instead of just being blocky like that.


the center mountain forms a hand in the trees which are the fingers.


yea, a HAND people. definitely not a penis.


took me a minute, but very cool!


Hi all!, This one started out as a sketch of a hand (upside down) with all the veins clearly visible. I scanned it in and started playing with it in illustrator till this little thing came out. A mountain-hand-like thing. I like the fact that some people have to look twice to see the hand in the mountain......(or 5 dicks you bastards;)
thanks 4 the comments


Gross. I hate hands.

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ilikeice on Nov 28 '07
Gross. I hate hands.

Are you typing with your toes then?

I like the idea here, but it has kinda already been done better in the form of "can't see the forest for the socks" or whatever it's called with a similiar nature effect. I dig the hand might wanna make it a bit more obvious after you stare for a second to make it hard to see but not needing anyone to point it out to you. Maybe some fingernails?


i agree about making it more obvious. i didnt see the hand until i read the comments below the design. once i saw it it was pretty cool though

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