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*special thanks to spacesick(2) for this Mezo portrait

Mezo aka Stef McFeters is a 30.22 year old girl, has been a member since December 6, 2004, has scored 4074 submissions, giving an average score of 2.74.

Url -


1st comment on 1st sub
dbkliveson on Jan 06 '05
Love Your Style,,, And Your Web-site Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

1st comment on 1st resub
AlexWilson on Jan 10 '05
The fingers still need to be fixed, otherwise I'd buy.

Mezo is 99% rockn roll and 1 % angel”

STREET CREDIT (STATISTICS) for Mezo as represented by realslimnatey

52 = subs
2 = threadless prints
0 = critique
0 = slogans
6,611 = blogs commented
397 = product blogs commented
3,842 = designs commented (some no longer show)
98 = critiques commented
57 = news commented
2? = on or mention on Charlie podcast
3 (Tom Burnz, Abeadle, Hogboy, T4sh4) = time meeting other members
Probably around 100 = threadshirts purchased
9 total hours on my wee sleeve tattoo - 8 of which were all in one sitting. This is not recommended.
3 total hours to make my famous 3 bean chili & pineapple cornbread.
10 total minutes to shower. 12 if I wash my hair.

Shirts Printed Based on Votes (as of 11/15/07)
61 = I'd buy it!
113 = 5 (minus the buys)
47 = 4
19 = 3
6 = 2
3 = 1
0 = 0

“Despite her sometimes ferocious online demeanor Stef is actually very mild mannered, almost shy in person (and) one of the most modest artists I have met considering her obvious skillz. I found her a real breeze to work with, she took direction like a true pro (and) didnt complain about the numerous little innane changes demanded by the client (well not to my face at least)... Smart, talented and an absolute babe to boot, her husband sure is one lucky bastard!’

Observations and unwarranted opinions from chelly:


If you are the type of person who takes life way too serious, then you could use a giant does of Mezo designs. The thing is, I’ve been sitting here for half an hour trying to find the words to summarize Mezo’s style and haven’t been able to find anything that explain the ZING! mixed with uncharted talent that she shares with us through her t-designs. Sassiness and ‘stash-ride obsession aside, Mezo takes a look at things that we’ve all seen a million times (elderly, bicycles, ties, bunnies) and makes them magical yet hip; she takes situations that we want to stare at but are usually ashamed to do so (butts, circus freaks, assassination, voluptuous ladies) and makes them tenderly human and beautiful. Not only that, but the woman is not afraid to use color, and uses it so gracefully that even a tomboy aches to wear the hot pink of one of her designs. If you find yourself tired of seeing the same ideas, techniques, tones, or moods on the latest shirts, sneak on over to Mezo’s collection for a refreshing look at something original and lively.


a look at the last year

Normally, this would be where I’d post my opinion of an artists weakest/strongest designs in the last year. Ever challenging the guidelines, Mezo has even broken out of this summary. You see, in the last year, there has not been one of her designs that I haven’t given under a 5.

Which makes a person wonder, has Threadless gone completely blind? Print Mezo for fuck’s sake!

*note to readers: I know the most recent threadless interview has a “favorites” section. However, I did NOT know that when giving these to Mezo (shortly after Ian Leino‘s inquiry was sent, actually). This might be the last time we feature this, so please enjoy.

section in the library - Art & Design
flavor of hummus - Mmmm....ALL of them!
camping location - Marriott Inn & Suites
art medium - Digital
painter/actor/author/(any kind of artist) - Jason Sho Green / Audrey Tautou / Chipp Kidd
guilty pleasure - America's Next Top Model
food you cook/bake - 3 bean chili, guacamole, & pineapple cornbread
plant - Robert
night time activity - Drunken talks with the husband.
video game - Dr. Mario
quote - toss up between "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal" from Emma Goldman (and) "Never trust a big butt and a smile" from Bel Biv Devoe


Name three songs; one you would listen to with breakfast/ one with
lunch/ one with dinner.

Breakfast- Have to start the day mellow. B-52's "Deadbeat Club" would be glorious to hear while sitting on the patio of a small cafe along the beach and enjoying an English muffin & coffee.
Lunch- Warren G "Regulators" at an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. At the beach.
Dinner - Blue Oyster Cult "Burnin For You" at the sports bar with hot wings, fries, and beers. Not at the beach anymore because you can't vacation forever, slacker.

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Have you ever been involved with espionage?
In college, the BFF & I stalked the foreign soccer team. We had major crushes on a few of them. We would drive-by their dorm, crash their floor parties, and sneak glimpses at them in the cafeteria. We would track down information on them via the internets before "Googling" for people even existed. We would then use the found information as an excuse to start up conversations with them. Does this count?

Name a movie that was better than it's book.
About A Boy, if only for the part when Marcus sings "Shake yo ass, watch yo self, shake yo ass, showmewhatchaworkinwith."

Do you prefer heads up seven up or freeze tag?
Freeze tag because I am cold-hearted.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nope. I don't think true love can exist until you know the person. Unless, of course, we're talking about fashion or kittens but not fashion made out of kittens.

Have you ever been hypnotized?

Childhood nickname?
Whimper, Balls, Saxophone, Carpenter's Dream, Board. Thanks for making me relive them, jerks.

Favorite crayola color.
Violet! You're turning Violet, Violet!

If you had to dress in drag as a famous man of the movie screen, who would you choose?
Awesome question! John Leguizamo for no reason other than we have similar features, are close in height, and probably wear the same bra size.

What's your biggest source of inspiration?
Music. My husband & I collect CDs. We love the tangible designs. One of our favorite things to do is go to the CD store and browse. It's especially nice here in Seattle - the stores are huge and have way more independant artists. I love looking at the covers - all the bright colors and styles coming together. The best section to have a good laugh in? Rap. All those gradients and bling!

Got plans for a new tattoo?
Indeed. Though, since my artist is in 'Bama, it'll take a while to complete. My BFF & I want to get a friendship design. One idea we have is a traditional sacred heart with banner. My banner will read "Born to lose" and the BFF's "Destined to fail" based on Social Distortion's "Ball (and) Chain" song. This is specifically funny because, even though we both adore that song, people would joke around that we're close enough to be married. The other idea is an expansion. This will be something she & I can get with the addition of our 2 other friends. We're all in a fake club, Hate Tank. Our design will be a collaboration of crap we draw based on hate and hating and being generally grumpy and cynical. In short, the next tattoo will be a friendship one. I miss them.

If you were stuck watching a scene from Heathers for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
HHHHHHHHHAHAHAHA!! YES. This question deserves a major Italian award! I could comment here about how I enjoy the social commentary of the Lunchroom Poll scene and it being a perfect reflection of how naive and one-track minded most high school students are. But, in reality, I love Ram's funeral scene because everytime his dad shouts, "I love my dead gay son!", I laugh so hard I choke on spit. I'm laughing just thinking about it!

(2:40 on video)
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Hobby outside of design?
Well, up until a week ago- job searching. There's also walking, cooking, knitting, thrift store shopping, cat-collecting. You see, I'm really a 73 year old woman.

Do you ever fear that you might offend someone that you care about with your art?
I don't think I fear it as much as I'm aware of it. Art is a visual emotion or thought. I don't want to dumb down how I feel just because someone else might be offended. If all artist's did this - there would no longer be art.

In your opinion, why do you think there are so few female artists at Threadless?
DANG! I don't know!! Maybe it's because the boys have balls. Ha! However, the female designers have multiplied a lot since I started there in 04. Why don't you design, Chells? Help change the ratio.

Which of your designs were thought of in the shower?
I shower in the morning, pretty much when I'm still asleep and the brain has not reached the creative level. It's hard enough trying to focus on shaving your legs and not slicing off an ankle. So, none.

There's a bomb and you have to decide to cut the red or the blue wire, what do you chose?
Well, clearly I choose to shoot off JD's middle finger which forces him to tell me. Booya!

Your "about me" section has negative comments from the voters. Why do you keep those?
The reason is 2-fold: - I find them hilarious. - A good way to grow in art is to really pay attention to the negative feedback. If all you hear is "OMG 5$" over and over, you never change your style. You always go with what the audience accepts, which slowly makes your style bland. Hearing the bad makes you strive for more to prove the naysayers wrong.

With relish.

Which of one of your Threadless designs would you have them print?
The robust bearded sideshow lady please! I love her.

What is your signature lipstick color?
Wine, since there are no "beer" or "whisky" colors.

Current song stuck in your head most often?
"It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube

How did you find out you were printed (at threadless)? what did you do to celebrate?
It was so long ago! I found out by checking the email at my old job, yelled at my office partner, and forced him to take me to lunch that day. Doing that was no different than any other workday, really.

What are your tools of the trade?
Wacom tablet, IPA beers, (and) 2-ply toilet paper

Take us through a tutorial of your technical process for creating a shirt design.
1. Get a genius idea.
2. Illustrate it.
3. Realize genius idea is 47% less than genius.
4. Submit it anyways.
5. Loathe self.

Do you save the gallery photos of the ppl who bought your shirt?
No! But I do send each and every one of them a Mind High Five.

What musician/band most heavily influences your art?
My iTunes is schizophrenic (ranging from hip hop to technical metal) and since I always have the Shuffle on, it's impossible to pinpoint a single band that influences my work. Although...that may explain why my stuff tends to look so crazy.

Please recommend one cartoon and one children's book.
Cartoon - Happy Tree Friends! Love the cute violence.
Book - Ian & I both agree (and have discussed it at length) "The Monster at the End of This Book" by Grover. Best Lil' Golden book ever written. Plus, it features the badass Grover and not some retard Elmo muppet.

Where did you grow up and where are you now?
Grew up in both Baltimore MD (and) Birmingham in Seattle WA now.
East side, dirty south, west side...I represent them all.

What is your cult going to be called?
Already have one - Hate Tank. We're official. We have hoodies.

How much time do you find you generally spend on a design?
Anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 years.

What do you personally feel is your strongest tee design to date?
The one that won me a job at Tommy Bahama! Yeah, boy!

Over or under?
In the middle. Like Monie.

So, you are a blogger. How's that interaction effect your work as far as your art is concerned?
It's nice to hear from "the people". As an artist, sometimes your eyes get bored looking at what you are working on. You get stuck on where to go and what to do next. It's helps to have other people's fresh eyes guide you.

What music do you recommend the bloggers listen to in order to broaden their cool factor?
I don't listen to anything cool. It's terrible. I am clueless to many bands of the 21st century. If it weren't for Threadless bloggers, I would not have random snippets of new "cool" music. Though some of the new stuff is good - I still keep a heavy rotation of the entire catalogs of Social Distortion, Descendents, Bjork, Rocket from the Crypt, Explosions In The Sky, and Faith No More. Listening to these bands would only make you more cool to me...but being cool to me probably makes you a chump to the rest of the world so I advise against it.

What is your time machine (made out of)? where are you headed in said machine and why?
My time machine is a Model 46-C convertible Buick Special and takes me back to 1952 to simpler times where smoking cigarettes, eating beef, and refraining from exercise was considered perfectly healthy.

Do you have any weird body/face tricks (example: crossing your toes, curling your tongue)?
Double-jointed fingers. I have never lost a thumb war.

What makes you shake your head?
Extreme refusal and/or agreement and/or water in the ear.

Most importantly, what makes you shake your rumpah?
If rumpah means fist, then those young whippersnappers on the bus with their iPods turned up too loud. If rumpah means booty, then Outkasts "Hey Ya" always gets it going. I find myself in a personal conflict when a young whippersnapper on the bus is listening to "Hey Ya" too loud on their iPods....

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spacesick 2

holy crap! it's a fuckin BOOK! :D

I'm taking this into the bathroom with me. so I can truly ENJOY it.


that was fascinating

thank you!



also, i love space's diagrams/people

abeadle profile pic Alumni

I love mezo mcfeters

abeadle profile pic Alumni

chelly this was the single most enjoyable blog i have ever read in my life.




Special thanks to all the people who help by providing art and quotes and a load of patience in order to get this interview to the blogs.


hey everyone! i should probably note that very few of these questions are mine. most of them came from (you!) the bloggers and the additional help of shirtflirt. plus, mezo just rocks, so it is easy to want to get as much information from her as possible. but really, thanks to everyone for helping these interviews out along the way.

fc gravy

she rocks! i thought so.


no cuss words were edited out. mezo is indeed a classy lady.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Wow.... that's a GREAT interview!



before i read any of this, id just like to say that this whole chitshat thing should be its OWN website because it basically OWNs and PWNs and all that other shit

great job on everything you guys and i cant wait to learn how to read so i can read this!

mezo profile pic Alumni


This was so fun, chells and shirt! Thank you very much for (pretending to be) interested in the mezo.

And space & nate are precious tiny menfolk who are too nice and handsome. Sometimes.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Also, chelly! I can't believe you've 5$d me all year! That's so radical! You are a great art patron.

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

the mezo is over/underrated


admittedly, i didn't $ all of them. i was honestly a little surprised that nothing fell below a 5 for a year, as that has never happened before as far as i know.

cheers to you lady!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

mezo is always good for a laugh

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

Mitch you magnificent bastard, that is a great drawing.

This interview format is awesome. You did a great job on it. I especially like the hogboy section, only because I never would have guessed that stuff.

Mz. Mezo, that Tommy Bahama shirt is hot. I had no idea you were that versatile. Bring some of that noise to the new print options here.


i've been lost in the beautiful world of mezo's favorite artists

thanks for the head's up

hogboy profile pic Alumni

haha great work Chelly.... Stef call me or suffer my wrath


thanks for helping us, hogboy.

khooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, i do the same thing and it makes these blogs all the more entertaining to me.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

That was FUNtastic!!!!

I love that part of About a Boy as well and just saw Expolsions in the Sky, so myself and Mezo are like the same being with different male/female pieces! This is such a fabulous read chellzie. More please.


int'l bump

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

Another awesome edition of Shootin' the Chat!

I would steal Heather Mills' fake leg to a group of terrorists if I could have huge prints of Mezo's Sideshow series in my dwelling.

Mezo is life, and life is Mezo.

MeLa de Gypsie

mezo is much loved...

I would usually subject myself to some form of respect drooling.. but I think in a tribute blog some dignity should be involved...

... ... ...

aw what the hell...

snivel snivel


oh yeh! i want some mezo prints too!!!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Is "prints" code for "kisses"?
*bats eyelashes


i cannot answer for LBB, but for me: YES!

jublin profile pic Alumni

special guest appearance by JOHNNY LEGZ!

great job chelly/spacesick. you managed to make mexo look cool!

genuine typo

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

that interview was so amazing to read. SO AMAZING


oo la la! it's like mezo is some celebrity in a gossip mag that i just want to learn more about after the article is over! good job to all those involved in this interview and

you're beautiful! keep doing what you're doing! or get better at it! i love all of your stuff and i hope they print that bearded lady, too!


more bumps




haha remember "MEZO HONEI"?

that was awesome.


while you wait for the sale, read this interview :)


I've read it and am making appropriate adjustments to the official Mezo Stalking Manual.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Hey, who knew these interviews were so fun to read? This is pure gold! Great stuff Mezo, Chelly and Shirtflirt!

Edword profile pic Alumni

great interviews into the mind of mezo.

hey did I stick ice cube in your head with congrats video post?


what are the chances ppl will read this during the mayhem of monday sale

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