Creative Juices

Watch this

i dig this
i'd really like it on white


if it's about creative juices, i think the design is a little too simple.. however with some work i would wear this


I really like the concept! You should develop even more body parts. Maybe designing something on the back also.


i love the concept, but without the title i wouldn't know what it was supposed to be. but work on it i'd for sure wear it!


I like it... but the design is tilted and i really don't like that... i also think it should be on the right not the left

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Maybe putting the words "Creative" with a few letters on each bottle would clear the idea up a bit more without completely giving it away? I loves me some "things-inside-of-you" tee concepts, so nice work!


OMG I love it... that's hilarious


Thanks for the comments everyone. I think everyones taking the title a bit too seriously. It supposed to represents a designers "juices" which are the ink cartridges representing CMYK it really has nothing to do with actual fluids inside us lol. Again trying to combine a designer and his/her tools.

Thanks again.


Does Fruit of the loom make mint t-shirts?


Perpendicular seems a little out. Bottom of shirt and line of bottom of shelf/door

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CMYK is my pet peeve right now.


I agree with you timrb, after mine finally got submitted after about 2 weeks I realized how many new designs were incorporating CMYK. Now mine's just getting lost amongst the rest.


I'd like it more if it were on the right than the left. The door opening to the middle of the shirt seems off to me... and I'm a sucker for bubbles or something to help signify that something is liquid. Nice idea though...


my teacher would love this forever


make it more complicated, creativity is not that simple. and the colors are not my fav at all


Why does creativity need to be complex? As for the colours, those are true CMY so I can't really base them off favoritism becuase that'd change my concept =P

Jely44, love the idea of the bubbles, ill have to play with that a bit more.

-Thanks guys

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