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I am a knitter myself, but I don't like this. It's too "hearts and flowers" knitting is -badass-!


Stich 'n Bitch ftw!
Le tricot club...not as cool


I knit too... like th eidea of having a knitting shirt, but agree... Knitting is bad ass!


I like this shirt. I've been knitting since I was 10, and I can still accept the fact that it's a pretty girly thing to do. Some hobbies are badass, some are not. Plus, what's wrong with being overly girly every once in a while? $4


I like the idea, but it's just too pink for me.




Yoo should go for the 'badass' idea!
That would be freakin awesome.


I knit and I don't think it's all that badass. Usually when I'm knitting, I'm sitting quietly in front of the television - nothing more proper than that. :P


Like it better on pink........on white it's tres lame :P but I adore it on pink....i'll buy it...but only on PINK


I agree with the rest, put a bad ass grundge spin on it and I'd buy.


it's boring. one color on white or light pink?! take advantage of the new rules and give us something nifty, with color and life. you might inspire me to start knitting again, who knows. (I stopped because my hands started to hurt. Then I took up other sorts of projects so I haven't gotten back to my needles.)


I knit. I like the concept but the design needs more work. Keep at it and make it a bit more interesting. I don't mind pink, but would prefer the shirt maybe a dusty pink instead of MK or Pepto pink. Maybe with the design in a dark burgundy.

I'd buy it if the design were more interesting colorwise

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should say "le club de tricot"

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