Size Comparisons - Girly Small, Medium, Large and XL tees; XS, S and M Hoodies. BONUS: FOTL Men's Small tee. UPDATE: Now with washing shrinkage!

Sometimes the shirt you want in your size is sold out or you're not sure if a bigger or smaller shirt would fit you better. Since I haven't seen any blogs that covered the way that different sizes fit on the same person (in this sort of detail), I figured it was time that someone put the information out there.

My stats: I'm 5'6" and I weigh about 125ish pounds (a lot of which is muscle). I wear a size 2 (US) in sized shirts, a 34C in bras (because it does make a big difference in how a shirt fits) and have somewhat broad shoulders.

First up, a size comparison with the shirts laid flat:

The black shirt on the bottom is a washed (non-Threadless) FOTL men's small. The grey shirt second from the bottom is an unwashed/unshrunk girly large Revenge Of The Sushi. The cream shirt above the grey is an unwashed/unshrunk girly medium Robin Redbreast. On top is an unwashed/unshrunk girly small Polar Gardening.

As you can see from the comparison picture, the unwashed girly large's body is about the same width as the washed FOTL men's small but the shoulders are wider and the sleeves slightly longer.

Straw8erry333 has provided the following picture showing the difference between a washed girly large (top), an unwashed girly x-large (middle) and an unwashed guys small (bottom).

(The bottom width of the girly XL and the guys small are the same.)

The following are pictures of me wearing the various sizes:

Girly Small:

Girly Medium (the size I normally wear because I prefer a slightly less-form fitting fit):

Girly Large:

Hoodie size comparison (laid flat, XS and S unwashed, M washed in cold water/no drier):

Medium (brown) hoodie on the bottom, Small (charcoal) in the middle, X-Small (navy) on top.

As you can see from the picture, Small hoodies are noticeably wider than X-Small hoodies, in spite of what the size chart claims. The body length of all is roughly the same on the Small and Medium hoodies while the sleeve length decreases slightly as you go down in size.

I also have pictures of me wearing (unwashed/unshrunk) hoodies for comparison:

XS hoodie with a tee underneath:

XS hoodie without a tee underneath:

S hoodie without a tee underneath:

Medium hoodie:

For those wondering how much Threadless shirts/hoodies shrink in the wash (under optimum, non-shrinking circumstances, meaning cold water, handwash cycle, no drier and laid flat to dry - none of these have been intentionally shrunk, just washed under optimum conditions), I've put together a few images to help you see the differences:

Unwashed Girly Medium (red, bottom) vs. washed Girly Medium (brown, middle) vs. Unwashed Girly Small (sea foam, top):

As you can see, an unwashed Girly Medium stays the same width but shrinks lengthwise about one to two full hems' length (from the bottom of the tee to the stitched line at the bottom) - how much seems to depend on the actual beginning dimensions of the shirt* (AA shirts, particularly those of different colors, tend to be a bit irregular in length) - and is a bit shorter, but still wider, than an unwashed Girly Small.

* An important note about this picture: I compared the washed brown tee to an unwashed brown tee and the difference was confined to 1 hem's length at the bottom of the tee with no changes anywhere else, so the more extreme difference shown here might be due to differences among the colors of AA shirts. I would have used the other brown tee for this comparison shot, but it would have been hard to tell where one started and the other ended with them lying on top of one another.

Unwashed Girly Medium:

Washed Girly Medium:

Unwashed Girly Small:

Unwashed Medium hoodie (first picture) vs. washed (cold water/no drier) Medium hoodie (second picture):

(My apologies for the bad picture and horribly clashing outfit, I put the hoodie on over my pajamas because I was too lazy to get dressed.)

The before washing picture is on top, the after washing picture on the bottom. In this case, the hoodie shunk all over somewhat (enough to makea difference in fit). It actually fits better now. The sleeves have shortened and the body has shrunk in width and in length.

Hopefully this helps my fellow ladies trying to decide what size to buy or whether a shirt in a given size will fit! And possibly a few guys wondering if a Girly L will fit (or whether the sleeves will be too short). :)

Things to look for in the future:

  • I'll be slowly adding Threadless Custom tee sizes to the blog. Whether I buy the new tees or not in the near future depends on which designs are printed on them. I'm planning on buying Small and Medium in the new Custom Tees to get a feel for the fit, so those two will definitely be up here at some point. Whether simultaneously or separately, I don't know at this point.

  • I’m not sure if I’ll ever be adding a XL girly shirt to my images of me wearing the tees because I think it’s going to be too big to be flattering (hence my not wanting to buy one, but if one comes my way, even temporarily, it’ll be added). I'm not ruling it out entirely, though.

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You rock :) Thanks for the helpful blog! Although your "XS hoodie without a tee" pic seems to be a broken link.

And "Revenge of the Sushi" is such a cute design. :) Let us know how the large fits once you've washed/shrunk it!


Should be working now. I had to fix it because I pasted the wrong link when I was transferring things.

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

You've also helped a guy! I now know that I mustn't get a Girly L - the sleeves are way too short for me.

You're a star, Mojie.


cool! i just had to order a medium music snob hoodie because small sold out (GRAH!) but from the looks, small shouldn't be too different from medium


This was 'zactly what I was looking for! ....if only I visited blogland before ordering 3 tees. I ordered a size up reasoning a little large is doable but too small is uncomfortable. May have to refine
Thanks for doing this. Will revisit it when I order a hoodie.


I guess the big question now will be to see how well a Girly XL fits when I usually rock Guys L. This... will be interesting.


Aww, good to know, Krakaboom! :)

Maybe I should mention in the blog that it might help out a few guys, huh?


@doomsday: As long as you post your own blog on guys vs girls sizes ;)


You're welcome! :)


Good info.

A while ago, I took a similar picture of various shirts to compare sizes and shrinkage. I should find that...


oooh mojie this is great. i have always ummed and aaahed over sizing and this really helps me out, cheers!


Glad I could help! :)



I just stumbled upon this, and while I'm clearly not a small girl, I linked to it from Loves Threadless (using your STP link, if that's alright) so hopefully some others might find it useful.

I figure you clearly put a lot of time into it so might as well try to get some eyeballs to it, though the blog doesn't pull that much traffic.



this is super helpful! I usually wear girly smalls, but bought a girly medium for a friend and was really suprised to see that it was hardly any different from a Small - so it was good to know that if the small runs out I can get a medium. And really the Large doesn't look to big on you, just more comfy - so I could probably get that size too - yay!


@disillusioned: Aww, I'm flattered! Glad I could help (and I appreciate the exposure, too!). You're more than welcome to put that up there. :)

@sigrovo: Yep, I'd say you could definitely wear a Large. It's really not that big on me at all, it's just looser. It's actually about the same size as most non-Threadless tees I've worn in the past. :)


nice display! :)


Thanks, littlem! :)


More pictures added! :)

I thought a few more pictures might be helpful, so there's now an additional picture for Girly S, M and L.


Washing shrinkage photos and information added. Another picture of the difference between a washed Girly Medium and other sizes will be added later today. :)


Oh wow, you got there before me. I'd been working on a massive one for ages but didn't want to post it until it was all finished, and then it kind of got forgotten due to all the other stuff I had to do...


More comparison pictures added!

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

Gosh mojie you've really put in a lot of effort into this! Great job!


Thanks, Kraka! :)


Thanks so much!
This was really helpful since I've normally bought Girly Mediums and was wondering if I should switch to Small but after the comparisons I'll stick with M rather than having a possible return in my future.


Is there a noticably different shape between guy and girl tees?

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

If there was a Nobel prize for practical t-shirt research, you'd be a shoe-in. Who needs arbitrary categories like "Peace" or "Medicine"?


Aww, thanks, guys! :)

@Pizazz: The guys shirts are more boxy, while the girly tees are slimmer and more fitted in the body. The sleeves are shorter on the girly tees, too.


UPDATED with a Small hoodie! :)

(My apologies for the wrinkles. It just came in the mail and I haven't had a chance to steam the wrinkles out yet.)


what happens if a lot of my 125 lb. is NOT muscle? :p


You'll explode. ;)




Hoodie size comparison image added!


Hey Mojie, I have pics of a Guys S, Girly XL, and Girly L layered like you have them in the first pic. Let me know if you would like me to e-mail them to you. The only thing is the Girly L has been washed but the other two haven't.


Sure, straw8erry! Send 'em on over! mojiecat [at] gmail [dot] com. :)


just sent it, I resized it to 500 px wide, let me know if you'd like a larger size.


Added it in! Thanks! :)


Wow.. so the girls XL is more comparable to a guys s than guys m?

I dont think I'll be buying one any time soon then! =)


Oh you could note (since it's hard to tell from the pic) the guys S and girly xl are pretty much identical on the bottom. The Girly XL isn't any wider.


Okay, I'll make a note of that. :)


I wasn't sure if it was obvious ; ) I'm glad I had the excuse to buy my sister a present. Now I know if only an X Large is available it will be roomy but not too bad. If I shrunk it, it'd probably be perfect. Assuming the it would shrink one hem length like your other pictures showed.

The Hoodie comparison is great! Now I feel a lot better about ordering the small hoodie. Thanks!


You're very welcome! :)

I'm glad I tried a Small. The XS fits fine, but I prefer my hoodies looser and the Medium is just ginormous on me.


useful.. thanks!


You're very welcome!

Question: I've got a guys small AA shirt lying around here somewhere (I forgot I had it until yesterday). Would you guys like me to take a picture of me wearing it so you can compare it to the others?


Created an account just so I could thank you for putting this up! Particularly handy for when I'm buying gals I know gifts.

In a similar vein - I also really appreciate the wealth of straight-forward, front-on t-shirt picks you've put up. It helped me visualize the designs way better then most of the product shots did. :)


Aww, thanks, dehappy! Glad I could help! :)


Awesome! You answered so many of my questions :) I'm just a tad shorter than you and rather than mostly muscle, I'm kinda mostly cleavage. I comfortably wear a girly medium, although it's a bit more form fitted because of my girls. (Damn them, seriously.. I know people go "Why the hell would you complain?" but I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side.) Ok.. enough boob talk.

So I'm hoping that a Small hoodie would still fit -- if I can afford it, I'm definitely buying one during the sale!

I was worried that my sisters' Christmas gifts wouldn't fit, but your sizing chart really helps. Thanks!!!


You're very welcome! :)

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