• by danrule
  • posted Nov 05, 2007

Thanks to Ross for suggesting this solution of placement and lighter ink for the roots, as I found the original placement awkward and forced by my concept after looking at it while in the submission phase.

This particular tree top is outside my door. I thought it was a sycamore, but it has turned red so I assume that means it's actually a maple? Kind of messes with my concept if so...

I used the Trinity Root sculpture by Steve Tobin in NYC as a general guide for the roots, should check that out if you're in the area.

I like trees, both aesthetically and conceptually. I think conceptually it has something to do with the constancy of these long-living forms. I can travel for years on end and still come back and see a tree I remember from my childhood unchanged. Something reassuring about that.

Thanks people!

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When people ask me what animal I would be if I could be any animal, I usually say, "a tree".


Don't worry about it, a sycamore is a kind of maple. Awesome shirt. I grew up with a sycamore in my back yard too.


Um... A sycamore is definitely not a kind of maple. Completely different family of trees. Sycamores are in the Platanaceae family, whereas maples are in the Aceraceae family. Very, very different. I know because I've been studying for a tree identification class all evening. (Mixed in with a LOT of procrastination)

But don't mind me. I'm just a tree-hugging nerd. And as a tree-hugging nerd, I very much like this shirt!


Hey, tree nerds. You're both right in a way.

From Wikipedia:
Acer pseudoplatanus, commonly known as sycamore in many parts of Europe, sycamore maple in North America (to distinguish it from Platanus occidentalis, which is also called sycamore), and Plane in Scotland.

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really subtle dan, love it mate.


To clear up the tree argument- common names of plants have nothing to do with its actually identification/plant family etc- Sycamore maple (acer pseudoplatanus) is different than an actual Sycamore (Platanus spp.). A sycamore maple is a maple, not a sycamore.

thank god i got that horticulture masters degree haha send me a photo of the leaves if you want an actual id...


lol, you guys are so cool


I figure I'll break off from the discussion above and just let you know that this is an amazing shirt. I'll definitely be picking one up very shortly.

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You are all wrong. Its a Christmas tree, of the Bornus Kreistus family.

Great illustration as always. Congrats on another fine print.


I have this shirt and I must say that it is one of my favorites. You did a great job on the print. Keep up the great work!


I am actually designing a huge tattoo for my back and it is pretty much like this t-shirt design. Cool shirt.


There is a maple that is a sycamore. They are rare were I live but the hand full I know of are called Black Sycamore maple(common name).The leaves turning red however mean it is more than likely a Red Maple. ;)
LOVE the design !!!! will it be available on the new zippered Hoodies?


this is beautiful, congratulations on the reprint! i'd be all over it if i wasn't weirded out by the idea of the roots being right over my uterus when i wore it.


Speaking as an (amature) tree nerd - maples have opposite branches, meaning that branches should come off the trunk in pairs across from one another. Sycamores have alternate branching, meaning that first one will come off to the left, then one to the right, then back to the left, etc. Based on the depicted branching pattern, this lovely tree is not a maple!

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