how bored must I be to sit and work out every combination of rock/scissor/paper ... a third of the time someone wins... a third of a time that person loses and the rest is just a draw ...

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how bored must I be to sit and work out every combination of rock/scissor/paper ... a third of the time someone wins... a third of a time that person loses and the rest is just a draw ...


Hmm....This is either garbage or genius. I haven't decided which yet.


I think it's very cool as an image, but I don't like it on a shirt.
It's just too big. It occupies the whole shirt...


I would like this more if the order were rock scissors paper. Also maybe the rock should be gray on the khaki shirt?


Hehhehe! I think the order of it depends on your native language!
In Portuguese is "Tesoura / Pedra / Papel" (scissors / rock / paper)


I like it - why is the very last scissor different from ALL the rest though? (the black handle?)


i drew it in flash and picked the wrong thing and it changed colour and well? I kinda liked it ... so it stayed ...

I always like something wrong somewhere... not usually that obvious though...

and Yay! Mitrado picked it ... everywhere has a different version, but in the end it's the same thing


Not bad..... I'd wear it.


i think if you were going to keep the handle black, do the other half too. i think it looks a little weird with only one black handle. cool concept though

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I like that you didn't draw one rock, one paper and one scissors and then copy pasted.


I saw the name and was unenthused about yet another shirt on this theme, but this one is different. I think I like it. Hm.


Hmmm, I'm confused. Did you intend to represent 27 different combinations? There are many repeats and an equal number of missing combinations.


No there aint! Given 3 players all using every choice they have that's all ya got ... not many hey?

3 x 3 x 3 = 27


ooh it'd be cool if you made the rock/paper/scissors spell out something? at first, the paper looked like a 922


ah - it's kinda ... well you know... zen it?


Too many options. I know you are covering all combos but makes it too busy. People would be more triumphant to come up with ones you haven't covered (it's why CSI is so popular)


Too much goin' on here...


Jimmywaxhead: I'm afraid david is right...

There are some repeats ...

scissors / paper / paper - in the 4th and in the last line
rock / rock / paper - in the 4th and in the last line, again
rock / paper / paper - in the 7th and in the 8th line
scissors / rock / paper - 2 consecutive in the 5th line
scissors / scissors / paper - in the 4th and in the 8th line


Ugh; reminds me of my Stats class. 4 nonetheless.


Ahhh ... just realised what I've done!!!! I flipped the paper column over coz it looked better ... and it does I think ... but that has confused the choice thing a bit...

click here for the original so you can count them better :

it doesn't change the combinations available but it does make it easier to see ...



Not a print, but great idea none the less.


cool, but too much as a t-shirt...i feel like i would hyptonize people if i wore it.

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This makes no sense to me, why are they in groups of threes?

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I'd like this drawn a bit differently, and steetched out as a belt print across the front and back. Maybe have it more random looking and mix them up a bit, have different colored scissors, different textured paper, etc.


I'm with you there! I had this ready to go ... and as I was about to put it up ... the new colours/belt stuff came up ... tooo busy to change but I reckon belt printing would be wild! A bit like that great 'find the animal' belt print sub ... god I want one of those shirts ...


I hate the colors, but love the concept.
I think it's the brown that's annoying me.


I hate rock paper scissors designs. They're way too overdone and not even funny anymore.


why EVERYBODY makes shirt with "R/P/S" ??????????????????



Cool design !

Continue a good job !


Not an original subject at all. Haven't there been a million rock/paper/scissor shirts lately?


sorry , .. but I don't sit and watch this site as a life style ... so done before ... I don't really care ... is what I actually do ....

and to make that a little different, I pick one and throw it here ... try day 174 ...

why is it that the only people that kinda flame are the ones that have no designs or just a few dumbass slogans???


that's an easy question...

That's because it's a million times easier to destroy than to do something positive!
It's a lot easier to criticize than to design something!

Jealously has also something to do with it, I'm pretty sure!


If you got rid of the shadows around the rocks and everything it would be perfect

:D great job!

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