Hoodie size? Help please!

  • by Splaz
  • posted Nov 05, 2007

I wear a girly medium and usually like my hoodies a bit loose so i can wear them over a long sleeve shirt or something. Any recommendations for what size hoodie to buy? Small or medium!?!?

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Depending on your definition of "bit," you probably want a small. I bought a medium and had to shrink it because I was swimming in it, and it's still a little bigger than I'd like. I'm 5'3", ~120 if that helps you at all.

Then again, if you don't want to risk it being too small, you could just get the medium and shrink it if it doesn't work out, like I did.


Medium is huge on me and I wear either a Girly Medium or Girly Small tee. Take a look at my gallery in my profile. The brown hoodie in the first row of pictures (H2O's Sacrifice) is a Medium. I haven't tried shrinking mine yet, but I'm thinking about it since I'm swimming in it.

The other 2 hoodies in my gallery are XS, but you can see the difference.


Thanks for the advice.
I think i'm best off with a small.


I wear girly L and think the M is a little too big. Definitely go for the small. I ordered the small in this too!


I wear a mens large tee. I too like my hoodies a little bigger but when i tried the mens XL it was a little to big....I would either go with the med. or small... like many are suggesting...I think the hoodies run just a little bigger than the tee's...i am 6'1 190 .i have long golden locks and blue eyes. if that helps :)


that beautiful mental image definitely helps me in my descisions
thanks again for the advice. SMALL PILLOWFIGHT HOODIE HERE I COME


Was wondering the same thing actually. I'm a Girly Small, and like my hoodies to be a bit loose. I'm 5'2 and made up of toothpicks (exaggerating much. I'm 100pounds); should I get the XS Hoodie or the Small Hoodie?


I just put in my order for the small. When It gets shipped I'll let you know. That way i can give advice to future generations of confused Girly Medium wearers.


I wear a small or medium girl's tee, depending on if i want a little extra room or not. i ordered a large hoodie based on the lengths on the size chart, and it's far too big. D: Let me know (or i guess post it here :P) how the small works out for you!!


I also based my estimations on the size chart and went with the XS. Here's to hoping that the thing fits.


I just got my hoodie (a day early might I add!) and small was DEFINITELY the right choice. I wear a girly medium and the small hoody's a little bigger than i hoped, though the bigness of it adds extra comfyness.

So yeah, size down DEFINITELY


Bah. So next time I'll get a small. And apparently my large is overkill by like, 3 sizes. :X
Oh well, it's comfy. :P
Thanks for the help! ^__^


This post was super helpful! I'm 5'9" at ~125-135 lbs. And I'm heading for the small. (I wear girly mediums, and they fit perfectly until the shirt shrinks in the wash! aiii! But a large is not pleasant either). I like sweatshirts a little baggie too. :]

Thanks for all this wonderful advice!!

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