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I LOVE this shirt :) Very cute proletariat letters with tiny feet (yay, feet!!!). But... I feel sooo stupid... because I can't figure out the significance of the letters, r, l and t, in the protest movement. Am I just thinking too hard, or can someone explain it to me?

Canada is a very nice country, by the way. Also, I'm a fan of e e cummings. So my bases are covered, and I sally forth (How is Sally, anyway?) into this blog fully armoured and careless of barbed misunderstandings!

Watch this

I thought they might reference ReaLiTy, but not sure.


I didn't discern any particular reason for those letters, either. I don't believe they have any significance.


They are lowercase letters against CAPITALISM. As in capital letters. I think... or they're just socialists/communists?

jenna lenenna

YAY!!! CAPITALISM! GET IT? THE LETTERS ARE LOWERCASE! this shirt just got ten times cooler.

Captive Sun

I thought it might be an acronym for soem government thing but its cool. I thought it'd be cool if theres like a capital letter getting his @$# kicked or something


So glad we had this chat. Was also scratching my head about R L T.


the only meaning i could find for rlt was "Regimental Landing Team"
i think ill just go with the lowercase reasoning


I was thinking rEVOlUtION but in that case the v would have been there too... But yay thanks for the explanation! I sooo want this t.shirt now! :)


I was contemplating the meaning as well, but I think it's just more obvious with those letters. Amazing t-shirt, anyway :D


i like the whole capital-lowercase thing. it's obviously the meaning behind the shirt. i did, however, in trying to figure out the acronym thought maybe they were just standing around out of order and were t-r-l. it fit, in my mind.


You are over thinking this. If there was an acronym it would have been something that was obvious, otherwise the author wouldn't have bothered using it. I'm sure "r", "l", and "t" are just random letters in the lowercase form. And, in case you can't figure this one out, they're protesting capitalism in the grammatical sense, not the economic. It's just a joke that "capitalism" has another meaning aside from the case of a letter.
It's a magnificent shirt in, my opinion. Extremely funny.


an uppercase i is posing as a lowercase l to infiltrate the movement, but r has become suspicious of t instead, since t sold out to capitalism to make the letters on his sign, but t just thinks l helped him out, never realizing he has actually fallen into i's clever trap.


maybe the letters o c d would have been more appropriate for those of us who googled rlt.


rit stands for real estate investment trust, but maybe im stretching it here


i just assumed they were members of the p(r)0(l)e(t)ariat. :)


sweet! But i admit..... I didnt get that at first


hmmm I thought at first it had to do with the formula to calculate interest... but then the letters would be CRT...
oops! crt ^_^


Canada is a very nice country, by the way.

True, true. But I admit that I'm biased.

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