Announcing new inks and print methods for artists to use in their designs!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Nov 05, 2007

When we started Threadless back in 2000, designs were printed using fairly basic screen printing methods. With the launch of our Select line in 2006, we began to encourage artists to explore new inks and printing techniques allowing them more creative involvement during production. We decided to end the separation between regular Threadless tees and Threadless Select tees by offering the use of all inks and printing techniques that we use for Select to any artist that submits.

This is super exciting for everyone! Before today, most chosen designs were printed with plastisol inks, some with a chino additive and a few with water-based or discharge inks. Starting today, designers can now use up to 8 colors, specify super glow, puff, high density, suede, UV color change, shimmer, metallic clear, glitter, blister, flock, vinyl, foils, embroidery, gradients, simulated process and even belt printing. Here's a PDF explaining in detail each of the new capabilities.

Head on over to the submit page to read more. You can also download the new submission kit which includes new tee templates in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, new placement photographs and PDFs explaining the new specialty printing and decline reasons.

Hold on to your hats, Threadless! Things are about to get krrrrr-azy!

A few other, smaller bonuses this change means:

  • You may now submit GIF, PNG, JPG and SWF images :)

  • Rather than 640x480, designs can now be submitted at 640 pixels wide by up to 800 pixels tall. The default size of the downloadable template is 640x640.

  • Rather than 120kb, designs can now be submitted at up to 250kb.

And don't forget! If your design is chosen you will receive $2,500 in cash & gift certificates right away and then up to another $10,000 more if you win a Bestee at the yearly Threadless Awards! You will also receive an Alumni Club Starter Kit the first time a design of yours is chosen. The kit includes a totally sweet Alumni Club Medal of Honor, an official Alumni Club membership card, tee shirt, coffee mug and mouse pad.

We are really excited to see the submissions start rolling in after this announcement. I'm sure ya'll are going to blow some minds!


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kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

HWWAAAAA!!! Wow! This is great!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Man, i REALLY have to learn what 50 percent of those effect words ean at the top so i can be even more excited than i already am!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Monkey III on Nov 05 '07 at 1:28pm
What now?

Now we wait for...
The first one to make a rainbow with 8 colours!

hahaha...I got two rainbow collabs in the works as we speak, so we will be taking full advantage of this now!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

so now selects are not so special :(
makes me feel shite that i didn't do mine a year ago.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

i dont see on here them doing large format printing did they?
it doest seem that, that falls under belt printing.

and i think this will push selects to be even stranger than they already are. im really cant wait till im able to do a select

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

OlliRudi on Nov 05 '07 at 11:21am

now i just have to find a way to make my select even more balls-out crazy...

Yeah wtg guys, now i'm going to take forever again trying to do the same :/

possibly the only person not as happy as everyone else about this announcement

tesco profile pic Alumni

but selects still have two more colours plus the chance to do extra crazy shit like free headbands etc

d3d profile pic Alumni

man, what a cut-throat business tees turned out to be. i wonder what you'll have to keep up with next.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Great news. I am over the moon about this, and now I can really go for it. Thanks, nice work team.


amazing! but will tees cost more if they with all the new stuff?


wow!... now that's sticking it to the competition... nice one guys.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Now THIS is the type of news that's great to come home to after work!

Also, Selects now equal:


Does the color palette of the new tee template reflect the new threadless tees coming in '08?

Farewell, horrible "kiwi" green.


i hope you guys are thinking about adding new garments to the line becuase some designs for example belt prints look better on v-necks etc.


I read the answer about how the pricing will reflect the different process used in printing the shirts, so I've got another question - will shirts using these special processes show up in the Shirt o' the Month Club (please say yes!), and will the price of being in the club go up?

the czar

Pretty cool. Don't mind paying a little more for more colors, and fancy stuff.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

the PDF link freezes my system everytime for some reasons

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I guess this is Threeadless's way of saying, EAT IT Design By Humans! Remember who started this business and who remains the world-wide tee design leader!

That'll learn em.


roadkill3d on Nov 05 '07 at 6:32pm
the PDF link freezes my system everytime for some reasons

Upgrade to at least 128 MB of RAM.

artdrops profile pic Alumni

this is GREAT news!!! awesome threadless..... just awesome!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

holy nipples that makes so many designs of mine that were migrating over to your competitor for design reasons possible here, i thank you, new places scare me, you have kept me here

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

holy greatness batman



roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

TotalPwnage on Nov 05 '07 at 7:06pm <span>"Upgrade to at least 128 MB of RAM."</span> --on my freezing system on PDF LINK

<span>I have 1GB, ASSumptious Threader...</span>


man this is going to make it even harder for you guys to pick from


Mannnn, it seems like every decision you guys make if for the better! You really know what you're doing!

Yay for Threadless!


As celebration, I am now adding the word "Threadless" to my Firefox's dictionary.

g-regulate profile pic Alumni

great to see!


eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

actually i just read the pdf and am now fucking excited!!!

steven218 profile pic Alumni

i'm reading it all again today just to make sure they weren't taking the piss yesterday.

you guys rock


whats the details with the embroidery? obv i'm guessing that its machine done from a computer, but how detailed, and dense? .. it'd be rad to do a line texture with it...


My hat is being held by 3 people and some tape. Will that be enough?


Is it possible to combine simulated process with spot colours?


amazing ! i can't wait to buy some amazing embroidered shirts :)


YYYYYYYYYYYYYessssssssssssssss ! :D



SM Designs

I love you Threadless

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