Announcing new inks and print methods for artists to use in their designs!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Nov 05, 2007

When we started Threadless back in 2000, designs were printed using fairly basic screen printing methods. With the launch of our Select line in 2006, we began to encourage artists to explore new inks and printing techniques allowing them more creative involvement during production. We decided to end the separation between regular Threadless tees and Threadless Select tees by offering the use of all inks and printing techniques that we use for Select to any artist that submits.

This is super exciting for everyone! Before today, most chosen designs were printed with plastisol inks, some with a chino additive and a few with water-based or discharge inks. Starting today, designers can now use up to 8 colors, specify super glow, puff, high density, suede, UV color change, shimmer, metallic clear, glitter, blister, flock, vinyl, foils, embroidery, gradients, simulated process and even belt printing. Here's a PDF explaining in detail each of the new capabilities.

Head on over to the submit page to read more. You can also download the new submission kit which includes new tee templates in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, new placement photographs and PDFs explaining the new specialty printing and decline reasons.

Hold on to your hats, Threadless! Things are about to get krrrrr-azy!

A few other, smaller bonuses this change means:

  • You may now submit GIF, PNG, JPG and SWF images :)

  • Rather than 640x480, designs can now be submitted at 640 pixels wide by up to 800 pixels tall. The default size of the downloadable template is 640x640.

  • Rather than 120kb, designs can now be submitted at up to 250kb.

And don't forget! If your design is chosen you will receive $2,500 in cash & gift certificates right away and then up to another $10,000 more if you win a Bestee at the yearly Threadless Awards! You will also receive an Alumni Club Starter Kit the first time a design of yours is chosen. The kit includes a totally sweet Alumni Club Medal of Honor, an official Alumni Club membership card, tee shirt, coffee mug and mouse pad.

We are really excited to see the submissions start rolling in after this announcement. I'm sure ya'll are going to blow some minds!


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staffell profile pic Alumni

@doebe, it's obviously something they need to update


yay, the PDF and kit works for me now :)

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Oh and Kerrn.. I've also had the same problem with my Mama's boy select. The whole thing, not just the devil baby, has faded really really badly to the point I don't wear it anymore. Also the flesh color on the bikini clad girl on my Diodes tee is also fading weird making her color look strange.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

ooops!! sorry for the whole bold thing! I forgot to un-bold after Kerrn's name!! epp! Sorry again!

danrule profile pic Alumni

Tesco better produce some belt-printed submissions. Now.

How 'bout the Burnout process threadless? Or are poly-cotton shirts not an option?


this fucking redonkulous... the combo's are now limitless... will this effect price???

sonmi profile pic Alumni

wait, what's belt-printing mean?

The Crackers

Craig's picture is beautiful in that zip file.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

read above rhythmdev9... they've answered the pricing question there.


coffee is a diahrretic.

belt-printing is how they print on the entire shirt.


Sonmi - it means the shirt is put through a big machine with screens on both sides so it can print all over, like the way the Iconoclast select was done.


Wait Select Tees will still exist right...
Except the only difference would be they are printed on AA?

Edword profile pic Alumni

amazing! thank you threadless!


so basically what ti comes down to is if it cost more to make the tee it coast more to wear the tee... pretty basic...

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

you guys are crazy awesomse

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

hey .. with the price thing I know the specialty inks and processes cost more what about if Im just using more colors .. is that goign to bump teh price up as well ?

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

No fucking way. I'm glad I waited sub my design till today. You guys rock. Can I retroactively adjust my last sub to fit the new criteria?

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i have been waiting for the oppurtunity to post tall jpg's for so long

steven218 profile pic Alumni

wow, because of the new decline reasons, my print would never have been accepted in the first place…

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

no steven, yours consisted of more than just artistically composed it with highlights and blocks of ink and framed it with an illustration (its also longer than slogans can be)



cshimala profile pic Staff

Steven... we're talking about stuff like this in that decline(which has been a reason ever since Type Tees came out)... example

aled profile pic Alumni

Nice one guys! This is fucking sweeeeeet!


great job, threadless. i'm very excited to see the new stuff.


terrific! wonder if it has to do with the fact that has been doing the same thing already. now all threadless has to do is get rid of those horrible fruit of the loom tees! =)

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

Woaaaaaaaa, Things are gonna get crazy over here in the next few weeks.

mezo profile pic Alumni


Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni



so.. for belt printing.. is what's printed on the front and the back the same design? or is it half of the design on each because it was a large print to begin with?


...the next step in Threadless' journey to becoming the biggest most evilest multinational corporation in the history of history.

Just kiddin' this rocks, I love you.

HOWEVER, I will miss the 5 colour limit subs, always interesting to see what people can do with 5 colours. I mean any old schmuck can make a design with 8. That said it just means our talented with be able to showcase their brilliance better. 8 Colour Threadless FTW.


I think...
I just...



Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

took a while but this news just sunk in - it's a huge change for threadless and us submitters!

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