Maintenance Required

  • by Wendymoon
  • posted Nov 03, 2007

Watch this

i commented on this while it was in critiques. I still think the stomach should be next to the needle on the left. This is telling me that im getting low on hot tea...

looks good tho

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agree with viral! GLOW FTW!

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weird that a girl designed this! lawl!


haha great - i'd prefer it smaller and paced on one side of the chest but hey great sub


I absolutely adore the concept, but would suggest to make more. Like a whole cockpit extending over the chest? Now it's too much just a circle on a shirt which is a bit boring on a shirt imo.

It's great already, but not worthy of a print me thinks...


awesome!! :) $5


Thanks everyone. I did consider putting the stomach on the left. But thinking of a car gauge, it doesn't show an empty gas tank, it shows the gas pump. So my idea was showing some kind of fuel. If I did put the stomach by the needle, what would you recommend to replace it up top?




definitely awesome... i'd wear it proudly


very, very cute :D


Like it. Think it would be awesome if the white was in glow ink! I think the cup is fine I figured it was coffee and for energy because energy is what makes you go just like gas makes a car go. So it makes sense to me.


I think coffee should be replaced with a more generic 'food' item. As I do not drink coffee or energy drinks.


So I suppose the consensus is that moving the stomach would make it more accessible but I understood it was coffee cause I drink coffee and most forms of caffeine so I really like it


Brilliant. I too like the stomach on the full/empty gauge, but I'm not sure what I'd replace it with up top.


Originally I had a plate and silverware where the mug is.
It's funny, I'm not a coffee person myself. Just seems like a lot of people I know are running on caffeine.


I like the coffee! I wouldn't like it as much with a 'food item' or stomach there.


put a bladder where the stomach is? but i like the coffee where it is!


don't change a thing! It is subtle and funny and perfect!!!! 5$


Thanks for looking! I'm pretty happy with my first sub. :-)

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