Alice in Candyland

Watch this

Just say 'no' to drugs... :o( Pretty artwork (mmm...fix the shoulder fill)...please do another subject with the same style!


because the other sleeve isn't really showing you can't tell that it is a sleeve. It looks more like the skin color randomly changed.


I could tell right away that it was a sleeve.. I don't think that needs to be changed. This design is cool :)


any idiot can tell its a sleeve...


I like it $5! I could tell it was a sleeve.


I would like to see this on a lavender.
I really like the design though.
$5 (if on purple or another shirt colour)


Well I have a soft spot for Alice. Nice work.


I had a bit of trouble telling it was a sleeve personally. I dunno, if it is a sleeve and it is alice, perhaps making the sleeve a bit puffier to differentiate? Otherwise, love the design!


I love this design but I can't stand that color for a shirt.

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sorry was extremely hard to pick a shirt colour...nothing seemed to work. and when i think of alice i think of like pastel candy i just went with the pink...i think it will be like baby pink if it was real not the gray-pink it is.

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