Sock Bandit

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cool idea... but im not loving that much the design..
im sure you can do better

originalknappster profile pic Alumni

Not crazy about white tees but I will give you 5 because it is awesome!


fantastic idea!


better can be done as mentioned previously... but reminds me a lot of katamari damacy... so that makes it pure love nonetheless ;)

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

i like this toooo much 5


Don't like the colours, personally. But great design.


super awesome


i agree with the person who said that it's a great idea, but the design is ho-hum. you can do better. i can do better, but you came up with the fucking rad premise, so you should do it!


I don't know many people who carry red-lensed glasses around. Could you maybe make the text glow-in-the-dark instead?

jublin profile pic Alumni

"better can be done"

what the heck does that mean?!
i love this as it is right now. the sombrero is amazing and so is everything else about it. my only suggestion would be to perhaps make it even BIGGER on the shirt. maybe just slightly bigger. but nonetheless, this is great.


Love this! Great idea!!

Slippery Jack

I hope it comes with a pair of red lenses . . . !


this is GREAT!


thought i commented on this last night... but i guess i didnt




Lose the socks, and I'd buy it.

...kidding. That's a cool little creature. Maybe instead of using red lenses, you can just use glow in the dark ink. That would probably work better.


Awesome idea! Do you get the red glasses with the tee?

I think the text could be spread out a bit more, those last four words look a bit squashed and lopsided in comparison to the first two lines.

Still, great design!


i agree with the golw-in-the dark idea.


i was always wondering where my socks went!



$5 but I think it would be better if it was glow in the dark instead of Red lenses.


ah!! I love it!! and I love the text. :D


Love the concept, agree with comment(s) to make text glow in the dark. Prefer with 'sock bandit' text, too. Cool idea and fun take on the artwork.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Fantastic idea. 5


I can't believe anybody's talking about the damn hat when this shirt has X RAY VISION!!!! it's magic and I want it :)

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

whoa. i love this. reminds me of king trash's work.


i'd prefer it without the text, but the person inside is a great touch


I like the idea of glow and the dark also, otherwise no one would ever see it.


Hee! The sock bandit strikes again!

Very cool idea, and don't listen to the guys who say it needs to be better drawn---I think it's got a really neat style. :D


This is cool! And absolutely he needs the sombrero - he's a bandit!


The x-ray bit is cool, but I' thinking lots of people (eg me) would never get to appreciate it because they don't have red glasses - maybe you could put the x-ray bit on the back of the t-shirt intead?


I love it and the text. Maybe Threadless could include a pair of xray glasses with each shirt when they sell it, make the shirt a bit more expenisve. Yeah? I don't know. This is awesome though.


It should definitely be glow in the dark instead... Even if the shirt did come with the glasses, I don't want to be the only person that can see what's on my shirt, it just doesn't really make all that much sense.
I'll also say that this shirt really reminds me of a design that's already been printed: No-Arms McSneakers...
Granted I do like yours a great deal more. It would be nice if if were larger as well.
Very nice job though.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This will be a 4$ on the promise that it will be glow-in-the-dark instead of you having to carry around red lenses for people to get this shirt. That might be seen as kind of intrusive as i command everyone with a two hundred foot radius of me to stop what they are doing and slip on the red glasses I have already slapped on their faces. Great idea besides all that. And why is everyone hating on the really fun and well-blended/textured sock pile? the artist might be able to do better, but that's not the point of the image.

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