Music in my ears

  • by Minouprod
  • posted Nov 01, 2007

Watch this

is it like paprika? it's scary.


Heh, this makes me laugh, but probably because I'm taking a class about sound...

I don't like the t-shirt color in contrast to the ear so much though. However, I also can't think of any other color you could use. Maybe green or blue?


probably creme would be ok,, ok ash and that kinda stuff. =)


Yeah, those would be good. You might think about playing with the color of the ear, even. I really, really dig the idea, but I think you could have executed it better. This is a 3 for now.


Playing with the ear color would necessitate a change in the illustration, I think, because the flesh color does a lot to help readily identify the ear as an ear. I just don't really like that color. = )


I actually think it would work better if it was smaller, and on gray. I think if it were about three or four inches across right on the chest I would like it better. Just seems like it would work better... for some reason I don't think other people will agree with me, though. However, I REALLY love the musical notes and the happy heart.


I think it would be really really cool if it were an outline of a head, with two ears, and then the music design.


emphasize more on the characters[the heart/ musical notes] lessen the detail on th inner ear. change the color scheme. other that that it's great! i think it's got the no-way seal of approval.


you can hardly see the ear at all, from a distance you would have no idea what was going on in the shirt, its an amazing design, but i would have made the ear a darker color $4


I agree it would be cooler if it were two of these with the happy heart in the middle although I would personally prefer a happy brain or a heart shaped brain or something, I really like the idea, especially the intimate anatomy, but I am just not feeling it like this


i really love this so much i cant even express it just not on a yellow shirt


I'd like to see the details on the ear maybe a slightly darker shade of the color, but apart from that, this is awesome! My sister would love this.


thank u so much people for the comments. =) won't be a print until i get it fixed up i guess. really new here.


I LOVE this shirt~ Not a fan of yellow tho...


Loving this. Would get it for my little sister.


the vectors are really clean, good job. However it would have been better if it blended better with the shirt.


interestingly bizarre


I like the design, but I agree that a darker color might be more appropriate.

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