Threadless Art Viewing: TFIF

  • by Magnamoth
  • posted Oct 29, 2007

This threadless select is unlike no other, it's both simple in design, and complex in meaning. That being said I am still trying to fully comprehend what the meaning actually is.

The actual design reminds me of a girl I know named Rebecca who spend a shit load of time on her hair until it glistens and shined with the smallest spec of light, but her face was plain and unattractive. All of that hair on ones back and chest also reminds me of the beach, I just can't seem to remember why.


I will never forget the beach or Rebecca the plain faced hot haired girl because of this shirt... thanks I guess...

Watch this

I meant what I wrote.


that was my thinking, too. That would be the only way to tackle the situation. Then I wouldn't have to look at the plainess.

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