No More CREME for girls' tees!

A message to the good people of Threadless:

Please STOP printing girls' tees on Creme when guys get them on white (Natural). It's unfair! I once bought one that looked great in the picture, but in person, creme did not look so great.. It looked mouldy, like it wasn't right.

So to reiterate, pleeeeeease make some girls' tees in white!

Some tees don't look right otherwise.


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mezo profile pic Alumni

White and Natural are not the same color.


I completely agree. I pass on so many shirts because they're creme or white. The prints just don't look as good. Nor do I.


I agree... and I've even given in for two designs!! That being said, whenever I see another creme/natural tee (you must admit, the colors are very similar) I hesitate because I don't want my entire wardrobe to be these plain colors XD


I LOVE the design...but I would love it in black, too. The colors would look great against a black t-shirt.

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