which photoshop do you like best and why?

well i have photoshop 7, my friend has photoshop cs 2 and my other friend has elements 2 and they all say that we like ours but i truly don't know what the difference is between them. if all of you kind people out there would help me out hear and explain to me the difference and tell me which version you prefer?

Watch this

I like cs3 because even on my cruddy computer it runs pretty quick and I like smartfilters because they're cool.


CS3 owns PS7
I used to have 7
CS3 is faster and has nice adjustment features- you can pull a slider to change brush and font size and the like.


sweet ok so time to get cs3

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Photoshop 7??? Dang. Olden. Haha!


at the risk of sounding unpoplar...

Because i "grew up" (in my designing days) with it, and am too much of an old stubborn f*art to upgrade

Le Dobermann

cs3 , i have fast computer so i didnt really noticed any performance speed up..

i think you can get cs2 cheaper tho...

personally i love cs3

Legacy Incarnadine
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hah, I had 7 for the longest time and resisted updating, but CS3 has grown on me, now I love it!

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