Star Light, Star Bright

My parents used to drag me out of bed on clear summer nights to stargaze and watch falling stars. I used to try to work out how many wishes I could fit into the vast night skies of South Dakota. I still throw a wish out when I see that first star of the night. These are just a few of my memorable recent hopes and necessities I've placed into the night sky.

Watch this


its a great shirt i am happy to own


on a shirt because that is awesome


im asking if you are going to put that pic to teh right on a shirt but my comment got all wonky


Waaah, I want a reprint !


I want a reprint too! Come on, everybody! Rally for reprint! :)


Yeah I want a reprint toooo!


i have to have this shirt- i will buy it from anybody- i've been trying to get it reprinted for over a year now


please reprint!!!! I've been wanting this tshirt since 3 years ago!!!! its awesome!!!!

You could maybe put another message on a star:

"I wish they would reprint this tee"


Man still waiting on a reprint......Come on threadless gods, it reprint


Reprint! Reprint! Reprint!

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