My little Mammoth

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very cute! i think it still needs some work though... more details in the fur would be nice and the legs look almost like an afterthought in comparison to the face. maybe a little shading. but overall i really like this. 4


Maybe a longer nose and on a dif. color.

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You forgot the most important part of My Little Pony: the magical ass brand!


yep, add the butt design and it'll be golden.


perhaps a prehistoric themed butt brand... a bone? a rock? perhaps a Folsom arrowhead?


more sparkles and a bone in the ribbon? some little toes on the feet would be cute too

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my favourite so far! but it should be smaller on the shirt.


I love this but maybe a different coloured shirt and a smaller design. Great job!

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This is awesome, I love it , but maybe be smaller on the shirt, and different colored shirt, and more sparkles and a bone in the ribbon, and some little toes on the feet, and a snowflake, and the magical ass brand or perhaps a prehistoric theme butt brand and a bone or a rock or perhaps a Folsom arrowhead and more details in the fur would be nice and the legs look almost like an afterthought in comparison to the face, and maybe a little shading or if you could change the whole design and put it on a different color shirt, it would be better. WOW!

Or maybe just maybe it gets the point across just the way it is. Good Job!

PS. to everyone I just mocked, No offence I just thought it was funny.


Normally I'd run the other way from anything this cutsy... but it's a mammoth! A cute mammoth!! Nice!!

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Please, I want to buy this. Please put more detail and a branded rear. And toenails. And put it on a different color shirt.

I will wear it everyday.


haha yeah. the little ass brand would b osm.


I love the idea, but I'm with the other commenters: you need the butt brand. That's what would really make it identifiable as a MLP parody.


It needs a butt brand and a different shirt color, then it would be the best shirt ever. Some pink somewhere might be appropriate. But no toenails, my little pony doesn't have toenails.

The Bryman

the orange color just takes attention away from the design, plus doesn't look very girly. maybe a baby blue, light pink, or even a tinted form of orange for the shirt


It's cool, but that is far too big.


The legs are spot on... but a dinosaur footprint brand would be ace.


Kids tee! ;)




needs a little work, but could be sooooo cool that i'd have to have to have it


loooove it, on a black tshirt. Personally, I think red is no good, just because it doesn't matc hthe print. 5, though. :)


More details! The trunk is freaking adorable.


Aw it's adorable! I don't know if I would understand it without text somewhere saying "My little Mammoth", though. $5


the design on its back end would be a great idea


i giggled. ^_^

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