The Communist Party

  • by tomburns
  • posted Oct 23, 2007

This design has become my 'claim to fame' so to speak, for it's insane popularity.
I knew the play on words that is involved and the communist look and colors of the design were funny to me, but i guess the design sort of hit a nerve in alot of ways to alot of different people, maybe because of the famous historical figures as well.
This is definately my most popular design, and it is the one of mine that has been reprinted the most times.
It also has many various internet dopplegangers, including one by yours truly. (made all together original and after the onset of others)


Watch this
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Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

that's awesome Tom
You should give 'm a free shirt just for that!
(you probably did ^^)


i've seen this used all over the internet. The animated version's pretty sweet though.

Too bad that can't go on a shirt. :)


This image was in the Carillon (University of Regina paper) an issue or two ago. It was an article about the communist party in Saskatchewan.


Is this making fun of communists? or is it serious?


Judge if you must, but buying this shirt is probably one of the best things I've ever done.


Amazing shirt. Would have loved to own it, but I don't see myself in a girly tee.


New to threadless, went through all the designs, this is my must have, any more reprints?


I am all with ragewu and DutchECK. I think we need som new male reprints of this.


This shirt was for sale all over Bangkok when I was there in November. I was so sad they only had giant men's shirts, because I really liked it. Glad I finally got to buy a little girlie one for me.


Random is so right we need new mens tees of this.


We need more girly smalls. I didn't get to them quick enough.


I orderd my little girly one in time and then they lost my package. :(


Please Reprint!!


I hope they reprint. was so sad when they were only selling the old stalk on there spring cleaning sale. Been wanting this one for months!


This shirt is witty and satirical. It's not making fun of communism directly, but instead makes fun of the hypocrites who take shelter under the communist ideology, and look! They even managed to drag down good ole Marx with them those damn dirty apes.

This is certainly a step up the ladder from the original design. I like this modified look better than the latter.


I own this shirt. I'm wearing it right now. =D My friend has it too. Basically the cool kids are communists like us.

Thankyou, comrade, for your brilliant design.


i love this, and am glad it's been reprinted.

and it's well known that marx was a partier, from the sources I have read, he used to run around london with Engels knocking policemans hats off.


hooray for the reprint!
i just bought this for stalin. woot russia woot. representin'
but in all seriousness.... awesome shirt. i cant wait to wear it.


speaking of popular, I saw someone wearing this in the Louvre. I really wanted to say "Threadless buddies" to them because I was wearing a different threadless shirt, but he walkeed away too fast.

kudos for the shirt, my friends and I all wore this to our AP Worls history test last year

Rudolf the reindeer

aw man i just ordered new tees last week, and this week its been reprinted. serious doh !


waiting for it!


I enjoy reading up on the communist philosophy and appreciate the ideals behind some of the great figures, like Che Guevara; but I think I will enjoy this shirt even more. This is the first time I buy clothing on the Internet.


this is my all time fave of all print here on threadless!! yay!


I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this shirt--I always seem to miss it when it's reprinted---but I ordered it Monday and I'm wearing it today.

THANKS! I love it. I LOVE IT.


Brilliant. As a Democratic Socialist I love the playful little poke at our silly ol' commie buddies. Threadless Wearers Of The World Unite!

sheesha joe

i just got this shirt, it's sweet, what was with the 8-month re-print time?? Crazy. And who are all the dudes on the shirt so I don't look dumb?


Please please please reprint and send me one in the sunny UK please please please......


@ sheesha joe: if you bought this shirt you should know who the people on it are...i mean, come on, everybody knows at least a tiny bit of history and some of its important characters.


i love the design! i just ordered myself a shirt XD awesome job


Please, please reprint. my entire family wants me to have this shirt. No lie.


My friend just bought this and wears it as often as possible. Still as popular and funny as ever.


i want a reprint! i'm Russian and this shirt would fit me so well!


In Soviet Russia, shirt wears you!!!
P.s. This had better get reprinted before Christmas.


I'm not checking out my cart until this one is available.

mgwizzy profile pic Alumni

Thanks for reprinting it. This is the perfect shirt to wear when you want to piss off your Republican father!


Shipping to me now! :D


Will you be following up with a Nazi Party t shirt? Because, you know, they weren't all that different to the tens of millions of people they killed.

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