The appeal?

  • by Yourhero
  • posted Oct 23, 2007

There isn't a ton of buzz about this design, but there seems to be one dedicated to raving about how amazing this shirt is. Would someone mind explaining it's appeal to me, as I just don't see it?

And yes, I know it comes with a headband, which makes even less sense to me. I would just like to know why this is so well received.

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I have no strong feelings either way about it.


some things are things that people like and some things are things that people don't like and most of the time these things are not the same things for different people.

Simpletinrobot profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I don't get it either, wearing the headband while wearing the shirt is the only cool aspect I can pick out of this design, but I don't blame the design, I blame me for not getting it.


@stevethegreat: I love that explanation. That should be the new standard when people bitch about designs, right along with the cactus.


i can only speak for myself but....... i like this design enough to spend $25 on it because its graphic is so large, for one. it is rare to see a print on a typical t-shirt taking up that much space (less other selects). i also really enjoy its simplicity, owing to the single color used, as if it were a ink drawing on a canvas. whats more, even though it is so large, it manages to not be loud or obnoxious, which is even further exemplified through the drawing's facial expression: so simply at ease, peaceful. i enjoy this shirt even more because it generates in me a nostalgia of a past musical era (the lennon resemblance mainly, of course, but the headband in and of itself as well).

...guess thats it. i could care-a-less if it came with a headband or not. Seems i'm the only one in that boat, but seriously, who wears headbands if you're not working out playing tennis?

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if you don't like it, then you just accept you don't like it. i don't think anything should have to be explained for you to like something.

this is just a great graphic. i think i like-like it


I like it because it's big, the picture is on the front and the back and it comes with a headband! At first I looked at it and I thought "meh..." but the more I thought about it the more I loved it. I can't wait for it to arrive.

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Big prints are my weakness. Plus the design is simple and clean and kinda quirky. I like that about it. Headband's just a bonus.


it reminds me of Richie 'the baumer' Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenembaums


i can't get this one out of my head - there are rough scribbles of this all over my school notes from yesterday, and i just woke up from a dream where these sold out instantly, and i took great measures to find one for myself.

just like stopper said - the big, simple print, the nostalgia for that time period... i love it.

Dan in The 518

I'm getting it for my brother since he has hair just like that. That's the appeal for me.


I think it's got this neo-hippie vibe that seems to be trendy now.

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reminds me of work by Barry McGee or Andy Davis, all good stuff.


@Sonmi: That's a rather stark way of thikning. I never said I didn't like it, but I was wondering if perhaps there was some hidden meaning that I was overlooking.

I think it is terribly pretentious (which seems to be the cool way to be on this site lately "if you don't get it, then I won't tell you) to say that people do not deserve explanations of things that they dislike. I think the beauty of this site is fighting for a print you love, convincing the masses of a beauty that perhaps only you can see.

Not every print is a winner, but I think that proper explanations, such as the very courteous ones given in this blog (save yours) could sway the minds of people who might pass by a print that they just don't get, or maybe haven't given enough thought to.





there's nothing to get really, its just a badass design...and...yea

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