Where, oh where

Is the llama in pajamas?

Watch this
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He's, um... sleeping... on the other side of the island ;-)

Seriously though... originally he was going to go where I put the fox. But then I was like, hmmm, I like foxes better than llamas.

That is when the llama fell asleep and the fox seized his moment in the spotlight.


Damn spotlight stealing fox..

But yeah, I agree, one of the three I always sang was of course, whale with a polka dotted tail, bear coming his hair, and llama wearing pajamas.

Another one was the fly with a spotted tie. But I think I made that one up.


Goose kissing a moose was always a popular one with me. Could be the Canadian?
I think you made the spotted tie up too, because the bee looks like it has hurt its knees.
Oh, by the way, I've never said most of these, so its fun to look at them and try and figure them out via rhyming.
And then I scrolled down further and read the ones that there were. Oops.


brilliant shirt. But still I miss the llama :-(


its funny, because i was singing this song a few days ago, haha. best shirt on threadless! definitely bought it the second i saw it :)


I personally like the moose kissing the goose the best! This is an amazing shirt! It made my day!


RIP llama wearing pajamas :((((((((((((((((((((


I want this shirt sooo bad!!! I'm always singing this song. But I sing it with a fly wearing a tie too. not spotted though.

extreme elmo

I used to sing fly in a tie too. But no spots... o_O

Now I'm so sorry I never thought of llama in pajamas... XD


I think he was officially eating pajamas.


lol...the first thing I looked for was the llama.

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