Favorite Pastimes?

I'm in college.
So, we [college students] generally like to believe that we are the hippest, coolest, sweetest [whatever adj. you may use] group of people around.
I also realize many people here are about in that same age category.
I'm also in Sociology, though I don't enjoy it, it's sometimes vaguely interesting.
Well, without becoming overly ambiguous, I wanted to know:

What is your favorite pastime? Why is it that? & What made you answer this question?

[I.e. Playing guitar. Because I really love music, and learning guitar helps me have a greater appreciation for it. I answered this question because I thought it up.]

I don't suspect I'll get many people to answer but I hope I do. I find it interesting to see what intrigues others, and it also helps when I'm trying to think of stuff to make for art. [I have that class too.]

Watch this

I'm learning guitar. I already have an appreciation for music from playing trumpet for...eight years? It's just a passive thing I can do to help me think about something or other.

I love to write though. I always try to have a journal with me just in case one of those magnificent ideas manages to burrow its way into my brain. It's therapeutic, it helps me deal with life, and it just feels good.

And I just answered this because I always prioritize blogs with little or no comments.


Thank you.
I too, already have an appreciation for music from playing drums for the same amount of time you played trumpet. I also like to write; I'm just not very good at it. You mentioned writing is therapeutic, makes me think about a short story, "Raw Material".
So, one comment down, 9814912 to go.

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my favorite past time is illustrating - it allows me to refine my drawing skills and let the ideas out of my head, it's fun to create and be creative outside of my every day job.

I answered this question because i am bored at my every day job.


Ha, same reason I made this question.


i am also in college, and i find it to be one of the best things that has happened to me.

i took soci 101 while in highschool, at the local community college. i loved it so much that im going to take it here, and possibly switch my major.

my favorite past time? i have too many. i LOVE music as well, so i LOVE to harmonize while folding laundry. I write, but i haven't been able to get anything good out in awhile.

i love to lay outside and look at the sky and think. i think too much and sometimes i get myself in too deep. but i love to think about everything. which is weird...'cause there's really not a lot going on in my head.

why did i answer this question? because im egotistical and i love talking about myself....plus, i am procrastionating doing a research paper due tomorrow on irish drinking songs


my favorite pastimes are writing interactive fiction and making mixes. i like the former because it allows me to make use of both my writing and technical skills and the latter because i love music.

i answered the question because i like talking about the things i like. :D

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Sleeping works for me, followed by eating. If you work everyday essentials into the "passtimes" section of your life, each new day can be a party.


holy shit.

tonteau...you are my new hero

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Mucking about.


i like playing the piano, because music soothes the savage beast in me. i also like working at my kids' school because it's interesting and challenging, at times, and i think they like seeing me there. and sometimes, i pretend i'm a rock star.

i answered the question because all the cool kids are doing it! :P


I'm trying to get into photography alot more, its just lately apart from my 365 photos I've been too busy, I'm also trying to do a sketch in my book each day but thats been lax and I'm supposed to go swimming everyday but I've had work to do.


Lately my favorite activity has been drawing in Photoshop and Illustrator, and occasionally on paper. Why? I guess because it feels good to be creative and express myself in a way that I rarely did earlier in my life. I answered this question probably cause I'm bored, and to make conversation.

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I love to drive in my spare time, there is nothing better that having the windows down, a tight suspension, and a twisty road. Man I want to go hit up Bull Canyon Road right now. I answered your questions because I get paid to surf threadless all day.


Tonteau, I agree with you, surprised you're the first to say that actually, one of my favorite "pastimes" which is the correct spelling, is actually breathing. You only do it subconsciously when you aren't thinking about it. You take it for granted, until you're there under water thinking, "Why can't I find the treasure I buried it here, next to the purple oyster." Then you think, "I can't breathe" until you realize that you are wearing cement shoes because you made enemies with who you should have feared.
So yea, I like breathing, is nice.
And I also agree with mooseinmyshoe I think about achieving nothing too often.
It's interesting to see how many people are into music here too.
Yes, college is great.

Keep the answers coming!



i find myself not breathing when i listen to music. because i think too much, lol.

i have to wear a hat when i listen to my ipod and walkbecause i find myself looking around and forgetting to breathe

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