STYLE SWAP: Pairs Revealed!!!

UPDATE: ladykat has won the contest and completely wowed us with her powers of perception!! But keep guessing... we will have a runner up who will win a lesser but still desirable prize. And don't forget to vote!

A group of 20 designers decided to pair up and swap styles. Now it's up to YOU to figure out who was paired up with who!!

The Prizes:
+ Signed bart sears turok #1 or a $25.00 GC whichever the winner wants (donated by ISABOA)
+ $50 GC (donated by Raid71)
+ 1 Threadless Tee (donated by funkie fresh)
+ Original stone coloured Follow It tee in mens medium (donated by eskimokiss)
+ Print of the sub I did for this as well as a t-shirt (donated by stumpyhorse)
+ 13" x 19" poster (donated by valorandvellum)
+ $50 gift certificate (donated by andyg)

The Rules:
+ First person to correctly guess all of the pairings wins! Winner takes all!
+ If nobody can correctly guess every pairing, the person with the most amount of correct guesses by the deadline (deadline = when the last sub finishes scoring) wins!
+ One guess per blogger. Remember that there are 10 pairs. Choose wisely, my friend. (edit: if no one has gotten the correct guess by the time they all go up then round two begins and everyone is allowed to guess again - but those who do not guess before they all go up, only get one guess)
+ Alumni are NOT allowed to participate in this contest. I repeat, NO alumni!
+ Email your guess to

The Playas:

  1. Pseudo andyg

  2. Pseudo artdrops

  3. Pseudo bsweber

  4. Pseudo cbuchholz

  5. Pseudo eskimokiss

  6. Pseudo funkie fresh

  7. Pseudo g-regulate

  8. Pseudo grayehound

  9. Pseudo herky
    Coming Soon!... NOT.

  10. Pseudo impossiblejosh

  11. Pseudo ISABOA

  12. Pseudo jean_warhol

  13. Pseudo jrmasm

  14. Pseudo jstumpenhorst

  15. Pseudo Montro

  16. Pseudo pilihp

  17. Pseudo Raid71

  18. Pseudo sonmi

  19. Pseudo Torakamikaze

  20. Pseudo valorandvellum

Check us out on Flickr!

cbuchholzfunkie fresh

Watch this
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g-regulate profile pic Alumni

hey, thanks.
i think Brett got a lot closer to my style than i got to his. he got
jipped on the score too :(
my fave was Psuedo Funkie Fresh - that's a print for sure, right?
thanks again to V&V, and count me in for Style Swap II: The Reckoning

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

For sure, g-regulate! I think Number Two is going to be quite possibly even MORE epic than this one! :-)

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

"I learnt that if i emulate someone else's style i'm more likely to score higher than usual :/"

Don't you have six prints and a Select on the way?

staffell profile pic Alumni

haha, pseudo artdrops is easy

andyg profile pic Alumni

There should be some kind of prize for whoever can find out what the heck happened to the real Artdrops.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

You guys still haven't heard from him?

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Nobody knows what happened with/to him. Also, Kate you should email me your address and what poster your want.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Done! Thank you! :-D

Hmm, he hasn't been on Threadless at all recently, has he? Hope he's okay...

bsweber profile pic Alumni

nah, he's back! he's involved in the alumni vs barons thing, and has a few new subs up too

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Oh. That's just weird then!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

we need a part deux


we need a part deux

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