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Vanishing Hoodies

Hey, I checked up on this thing right when the e-mail notification e-mail was sent out and there were "plenty in stock" for the hoodies. 8 hours later, and right into the Tuesday hoodie sale, all those sweaters pulled a Houdini and bam- that pleasant "plenty in stock" turns into an irritating "reprint me". And yet, there are still plenty of shirts to go around. Am I missing something or did EVERY size hoodie sell like hotcakes?

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umm... you missed the 1,000,000 sweatshirt party on my blog.. (that contributed to the mad dash) lol.

if you are in the pacific, the e-mails came out around 10 pm. almost all the sweatshirts were sold out within the first 5-6 hours. (i was lucky to nab adultery in my size)


I just got my Large today, however I should have ordered a Medium. If there is someone in the reverse situation (ordered a Medium but want a Large), let me know!

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