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hahaha! this is crazy! i'd buy it! $5


that has way too much language, in all honesty. I mean sure it's pretty funny but iw ould never wear that on a tshirt, and threadless wouldn't print that on a t shirt.


haha! even awesome up-close dude!


ahahahaa again. "do you wnt to fuck us?" i'm not sure threadles would print it with words like "deep throat" etc but i'd still wear it though! lol

Igor Murdoc

It's a city.. like in real life, no more no less. I'm sorry but I cannot control their language :)

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Yeah, too much dialog. The profanity doesn't help, and the 'Troy McClure' reference takes away from the originality. Simpson's references have their place, but not on this shirt.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

lol @ these crazy worms! sweet design guys! is it a collab?


Great idea but many of the phrases are way too rude. I wouldn't wear it.

Igor Murdoc

roadkill3d : no it isn't ;)


Not a fan of swearing. Looks cool though.


hahaha sweet!!!1

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

oh i see. coz chlobo107 posted the link. still sweet though. i wouldn't mind the swearin and stuff. :D


Some worms are having an orgy o.O Haha. No thanks. Very interesting though, and I think the overload of speech bubbles actually works with this design.


$5!! It's lovely! :D seeing the hi-res image is a must-see!


yeah, it's pretty cute. i'll give it a $5, though i would want to be careful where i wear it. i'm not too comfortable with all the swearing.


Fuck the swearing.

How many people are going to be able to read it when you go by anyhow. This shirt is super! Please may I take two.



"fuck the swearing.. " lol

No seriously, this is a great concept and there is no NEED swearing, so why not change some of the text..?

It could become a winner then!


omg ^^ i fucking love !! this ... if it won't win,... i'm gonna make my own^^ $5

Igor Murdoc

I'm thinking about it but let's see the average score when scoring will be finished.

However I'm really confused. As a belgian , I don't underestand why so many american , THE country where music, cinema (arts in general) are so free to be insane whitout shocking anybody, so much poeple are shocked to see 1 "fuck" and 1 "asshole".

Maybe it's because they didn't get it?
Some explains:

"You want to fuck us?" C'mon there nothing porno , just sound like "mafia revenge" in movies.

"Oh I can see my asshole" Take it easy, isn't it funy to imagine that if you were a worm , one cool thing you could do is to see you asshole without using a miror :-)

But anyway , I'm open to apply some little changes if threadless and majority ask for...

Wait and see.


I love it but I don't like the fuck nor asshole. The "asshole" could be easily changed to butt and would be just as funny.
I have nothing personally wrong with the words but other people do so I wouldn't wear it on a shirt, sorry.
(but I will wear unicorns shitting marshmallows, go figure)

Oh and in reply to the cinema comment. The thing about the movies is they aren't being shown on t-shirts (though that could be cool) for everyone to see.

I'll still score it high though! :)


This kicks ass. Unless someone's sitting there reading every little thing the worms say, they aren't gonna notice the swearing. Or the worm orgy. $5


its because people on threadless tend to be massive squares and prudes, and not in a good way--may the sweet lord help you if you design something with a boob. the shirt is awesome $5


Get rid of the swears. I don't mind myself but I want to wear this shirt in places where I don't need it.


yea, please get rid of the swears what if there kids around while your wearing this


I think the girls colour should be the same as the guys. i would buy it if it was

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