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Make Art Not War

If we all made art the wold would be a better place. View my website at for t-shirts.

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If we all made art the wold would be a better place. View my website at for t-shirts.


Yes to this! A thousand times YES!

courtney pie

nice upsidedown polaroid of a bear, is it the same as the button tho?


I do not see a point in having the bear featured twice, it does not make sense to me that they'd have a photo and a badge of the exact same image unless they printed the image onto badges which seeing as they just took it does not make sense.
You would also need to make sure the vest straps on the sleeves reach the top seams of the t-shirt.
It is a good idea just needs tweaking.


I dont think the bear should be featured twice either but it is a cool concept...when I saw it, for some reason, I immediately thought of Hunter S Thompson.


The bear on the pin is the same idea of when you are in boyscouts and complete a task and get a patch. I was thinking that when you do something positive you put a badge on your vest. If people arent into that button it would be a easy fix to change.


I'd buy this- but not on white. Green would rock!


the polaroid is backwards, though. hate to be the one who does that, but i'm a stickler for details! at least, when it comes to polaroids. flip it! the white tab comes out at the bottom to release the developer when squeezed through the rollers, and spread to the developing area.


Love it! I want it so bad.


This would be so SO fantastic if the details were fixed. I'd buy it then.


I don't like t-shirts that are made to look like you're also wearing a vest, or a tie or a polaroid, whatever. I think the concept is really tired.


I love the style and colours of the camera, nice work, but I agree with squatterjohn on t-shirts that look like other things.


I think the jacket needs to be bigger on the tee as it just looks like its sitting on the tee rather than someone wearing it.


tweak it a little bit and i will buy

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