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I hope you're right. $5.


what a pity. I'm pregnant.




I believe that the Bible is inspired by God, and I doubt this very much. As far as composition, though, it's not too bad. It's kind of cliche, but you don't see many cross shapes on threadless.


Cross shape? Is that what you call an X that is slightly off axis?

I didnt want it before I knew that it would be confused for something christian. Now I certainly dont.

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It seems awfully violent, regardless of implied message. And my first impression was definitely fire and brimstone. Scary.


Very Nice...$5


You know the people in Jesus' time believed they were going to be the last generation... and the generation after that... and the generation after that. How long does it take you people to get the joke?


Very nice design


um, i'm not a christian and i don't get it at all. i have no idea what last generation world means. also, was the kid in jeans and a tshirt crucified or run over by a truck?


great design, but awful morbid


I like this design. I don't know what it's trying to say, yet that's what makes it very unique. Could it be an indie rock band? A deep dark statement on the future? A mix of religio-socio-madness? Who knows. Maybe it's just color, shape and texture, but the fact that it gives me pause, makes it t-shirt ready for me. 5 on this.

i will wait

I don't know why, but i really want this.


i think it's pretty awesome,
i think it could use a more interesting font


aww.. you have such great stuff

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