Small question

However likely or unlikely the situation is... If I were to get printed, do you think threadless would print a second design of mine, just considering how my designs are all so similar in feel?

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:O anyone?


Maybe. It's more about the masses than what Threadless thinks.

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if your first print sells well - it would be likely they would make another one -


check out the previous winners interviews. it shows all of their designs that have been printed and some from the same artist are pretty similar but some are all really different in feel .. maybe it'll give you some inspiration on what to do regarding tweaking small things or keeping all of the "feel"s the same.


yes, for example this artist's two printed designs are similar in feel in my opinion, and both are printed.

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as long as they score well and have good / different concepts, you have nothing to worry about


i can't say much about how threadless works as i'm rather new to it myself, but if it's any comfort, do know that i plan to purchase any and every design of yours that gets printed. you are brilliant, and your designs brighten my day ever so much!

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