the electrify love story by one fork for a connector..


Watch this

awww. the tragic love affair.


really cute.


dude ive seen this on deviantart. did you steal it?


I wish I could $5 this, but hmm, plagiarism?


wow, i dont even know what to say. lets hope the 15 year old dude and the 22 year old chick are the same person!


really I me inspired em an image view into the deviantart , I did the drawing Very much like. I mistook If that if he may be considerate plagiarism I ask excuses! Being considerate plagiarism , no me I bother of having the ideia removal of voting. Once more , I'm sorry!


very cute but use a diferent coloured background...any color but brown or white!!! please not girl likes a white shirt!!


I overlaid both images in photoshop. They match exactly. Paulo has tweaked some things, like having the blushing cheeks on the socket in lines instead of solid colour, but that aside it's almost identical. This kind of thing ruins what threadless is about and frankly bums me out.


I think the actual artist should post their art if they want it made into a t-shirt. I really like the graphic though.


0 for plaigiarism. Otherwise I would have rated it fairly high. It's cute.


Your plagiarism is disgusting.

The original

What other designs in your portfolio are not yours?


Oh, wow, that's...bad. Why would you steal a design already submitted to Threadless?


I'm pretty sure I've seen the robot in love with the fridge somewhere too, I just can't place where....


yeah the robot is on deviantart as well. As soon as I saw the robot design I new I had seen it as a daily deviation. They changed a bit more of the design then what they did with this one, but it's still the same robot.


this person is nothing but a thief. they don't deserve to be on this site with real artists who work hard to make their own designs.


Even if this design does scored highly enough to win (which, bunnybraineater, I think it could, it's very sweet) it's not going to be put into production because the threadless staff will read all these comments. PauloAccioly isn't just a jerk, he's also not smart enough to get away with plagiarism.

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