To Do List

woo hoo ... my first submission nice to me ...

Watch this

woo hoo ... my first submission nice to me ...

yarmouth did you get my list off my desk? I dig this, nice work.


clever design, but i think it would make a better college graduation card than a t shirt. good first submission. maybe play around with alternative placements


I like the concept, but think there could be some far more interesting things on the crossed off to do's...even though I do get that the mundane things that take no effort are crossed off. Cough & wheeze just don't do it for me. Other than that I like it.


How did you manage to cross off PANIC? That seems to live in my GTD in-box. ;o) Cute.


I've always considered panic as something I can do quite often ... then when I've done it, I'm usually ready to do it again ...


this is just really well done:)


thanks ... it's my birthday today and that makes me happy!


Great first sub! Very cute idea, and I love the art style.

Mazy Mallone


sounds like my brother.
i would love to get it for him ... maybe i'll get the point a cross.



this is lame to point out but you crossed off the words with red, and the pencil has black lead... but i like it


Ahhh! but that's easy! In "concept world" I used up my red pencil writing a nobel prize winning novel and had to run to the store and alas they were out of red so I had to settle for black to replace it ....OMG!!! the pages don't turn either!!!! LOL


awesome. could you do a blank to do list, and then i can make my own with pens and never lose it/forget? theres someone else has had an idea with washable fabric pens. it would be brilliant!


I really like the concept. Nice job!!


Not sure about the placement. Maybe make it a bit bigger.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Ah shit. For some reason I read the last one as "Make some monsters". Either way, I still like the list.


i like monsters ... love you congratulations design... hmmmm ... monsters don't pay the rent ....

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