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It's cute! I just wish I remembered enough French to understand it.
je ne comprend pas. :(


translation 101:

alors? = So?
J'a-do-re! = I LOVE it!
*Note de l'auteur = Note from the author
"message à la portée de tous" = (this is a little bit complicated to translate in English... it has 2 meanings in this case... 1st = Easibly understandable message for everyone. 2nd =message on everyone's musical chart.)

I hope it helped you all to understand, and I apologize if the translation sucks... My English is quite far! ;)


"J'adore" is the "do, re" in the musical scale and "alors" is the "so"
very cute!

Duran Card

There are so many French subs lately


Cute! I got it. I don't think it needs the little message at the bottom, though... it can stand up without it.


I agree...I think it's a cute design, but the message at the bottom makes it a little confusing if you don't speak French. I like it though!


i like it alot and i would totally wear it so people can ask me what they r saying lol


what the???


I always learned the fifth note of a major or minor scale as Sol, not So... shrug I like the concept but not sure it's quite there.


que (insert upside question mark)


c'est genial!


great idea, but you have to be reasonably smart to understand it. Unfortunately, many people may not be smart enough. $5


the colors are giving me a seizure.

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I'am french, and i still don't understand that thing...


Presse : take a look about the Krazyturtles comment...at last you'll understand it....

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