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What programs do people make all these shirt designs on? Do they sketch them and then scan them on the the computer? Because I have some ideas for shirt designs but i dont know how to carry them out.

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i draw it in ink, scan, and photoshop.
everybody on here seems to use illustrator-maybe too dependantly, but that's just my opinion. i'm more of an illustrator than a graphic designer...i don't let the computer draw for me, but maybe i should try it.


Illustrator...is that a program?


"i don't let the computer draw for me, " HA! i wish. Illustrator is a tool nothing more. If you suck you suck, be it in ink or crayons or a $500 program. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Personally i concept on paper, sometimes scan and clean that up and sometimes just draw the whole thing on the computer.


Adobe Illustrator is a wonderful tool for vector graphics, which differs from the more traditional bitmaps. Many prefer the vector platform so they are able to limit the colors and keep the image fairly simple.
If your skilled with a pen/cil try it and scan it in, but Threadless requires you to keep the image to 4 colors total and that may be a bit difficult with a bitmap such as JPGs and BMPs. If you have a wacom tablet you should be able to draw onto the computer fairly easily. If you precise with a mouse, that might be your way of going. Good luck and I hope to see your ideas sometime soon.


Thank you. You are all very kind.

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yeah, i need a tablet......i've heard good things....

as for 'letting the computer draw for me'- let me clarify- it just seems like way too many people use clip art or copyrighted/magazine/professional photos and then vectorize them down to colored sillouette around here.it's easy to spot. i wonder how many of these people couldn't draw a human body or face without this process. god knows, you should be free to use whatever methods you want, i use filtered images in some of my outside work too- but i don't rely on it like we see others do.
i do agree with you, that if you aren't a good artist with a sense of design or balance, you will still suck on the computer. it won't do the work for you..that's why we see so much vectorized bullshit. as for illi cleaning up my own lines, i wish to hell i had it...i'd use it like mad. so i have nothing against it, only those who can't live without it.


Yepp; Adobe Illustrator........and exporting it to Adobe Photoshop for the finishing display!!


I use macromedia Flash MX. Illustrator ran out of time on its free copy. :(


that is a good point, i would be guilty of this also if i hadnt taken the original photo myself.

But being able to accually draw a human face or body shouldnt stop you from doing a good design. I think as long as you use these things as a starting point and make it your own i dont think thats wrong. Some people cant draw a stick figure but they have a good sense of design. Thats why the computer tool is good for them.

But come from a heavy fine arts centered design schooling i see where you are coming from.


Um, I draw and photograph, but this "bird" design I did in Adobe Illustrator. It's just lots of layers of swirlies and curved lines. I just messed with them for a couple of hours until they looked "like a bird."


I made a great thread? woo hoo!

Daniel Serrano

I use Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Illustrator for vector design, and Adobe Photoshop for raster. Normaly I draw in Freehand or Illustrator, and colour it on Photoshop, I prefer it for color manage

Also I sketch it by hand, scan it, photshop it :-P and then convert it to vector or raster.

PD: Yes, great thread ;-)

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