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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

so weird but really cool


I'd feel like a lesser person for not 5ing this. Actually $5ing.

No offense to anyone who feels differently =)

shiroshok profile pic Alumni

yes man. so effing yes. 5


very wierdly coool



Don't worry, loniandjesus, I'm not $5ing this either. Because...yellow? Seriously?


Super weird, but I like it! Some suggestions though... I would spice up the image with photoshop or something to add detail. And also, it'd be cool on a different color shirt.


all_you_need_is, loniandjesus did give it a 5$, just exactly as I'm going to. This shirt is amazing and genius.


((((((L O V E))))))

((((((F I V E $))))))


its so wierd but something about it is so attractive


o forgot to add the $ to my comment


tired of the cutsey dino-monster scene, it's played out, get a new bag.

Uber Ryan, its not a dino at all. it's a conceptual depiction of the god neptune using contemporary inflection of style and subject. Maybe next time, I'll make a robot shirt since that clearly hasnt been played out as much as something like this. get a new icon (I'm talking about your user icon depicting a robot head as of Oct 04'07) or leave nicer comments next time, thanks jerkface.


sorry but no


thanx flood! too bad that one did shit on here. good luck

that one with the colorbars you did? resubmit it again maybe. People seem to either love somethings or hate somethings. Maybe if you change it a little bit and resubmit it, I think it could do really well.

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man that's crazy in a great way!

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This is really awesome!


This is great!
What is the brown spot over its hand?
And I think it should be smaler, otherwise it would not be recognizable when worn (by a girl).
Love it


its a Bronchiosaurous mixed with a Whale... who had sex with an eagle.. who then layed eggs in a tree.. that a man ate

in other words.... pretty nice!!!!



this is really really great.
if it wins. i'm totally buying (:


Bizarre! What IS that thing he's catching? Not that it matters, I'm not bothered if it's nothing in particular. I like the creature colors a lot. More shirt color options maybe?

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Yes I would wear this funky wierdness! Good work! Buisness peeps say yellow dont sell.... I think yellow is for the brave and more intelligent consumer. Print more Yellow shirts!


So very disturbing... but great.

Now, I don't have anything against yellow shirts, but I think this design doesn't stand out at all on yellow. Pale yellow, maybe, but not a bright color.

5 for the design, dunno if I'd buy it though.


i am really liking this
but i think it would be good in other colours !!


I'm not a fan of the yellow - maybe a blue of some sort, especially given that Neptune is an oceanic god.


amazing design, love it. But too big for me...


apparently im not the only one to confuse it with a dinosaur. Get bent.

way to attack my .... icon? surprised you didn't add a "yo momma" joke in there. Props idiot... mad props.

UberRyan, it just sucks that the first thing you say to someone happens to be insulting, and a lot of people do it. You, and people similar, are just dicks. If you're gonna be a dick, I'm gonna throw it back at you. If you're gonna tell me something is overdone, then you better seem like someone who is genuinely concerned about those things. Robots and dinosaurs and monsters all have a high saturation in pop culture. It's because they're rad. Just come at me from a place next time that doesn't make me think you're a hypocrite. I just can't take a guy with a robot icon seriously when he's telling me something is overdone. Idiot? Hardly. You're still a dick and it's probably yo momma's fault.

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