• by Robot!
  • posted Jun 09, 2005

Oh, what a brilliant idea this one was.

This shirt just screams, "My idol is a man who ripped his ass hole open so wide I could see out his mouth! Cool, huh!"

What a dumb idea.

Watch this
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If you're looking for a Goatse design, I suggest you buy The Internet... although I have nothing against zeke ragsdale's design.


I actually like this design,
not because it is an amazingly well done graphic, or that I idolize the "goatse"..

I do however find it humorous


Promoting a torn-open asshole just doesn't appeal to me.

I dunno. Maybe it's just me.


i think its absoluetly sick

why would you wanna wear anything related to goatse on you? i have a feeling people would take it the wrong way

goatse on "the internet" is awesome though
that one's got tubgirl too....


why not...
guys wear beer shirts with bikini clad women on them...

people can wear offensive shirts with political and religious sayings that are offensive to people who don't believe what they believe..

at least this offensive shirt is comical


Yeah, I see what you mean there. You can't wear a plain t-shirt without it offenting SOMEONE.

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i wanna see a tubgirl submission!


youve never even seen a goatse video.. try stileproject for education you poser.


if I was disgusted by one picture, do you think I'm interested remotely in the videos? you're a fucking idiot.

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