Everybody loves a maze

  • by jacksos
  • posted Sep 26, 2007

Watch this


the golden spatula

this reminds me so much of the drawings i did when i was a child - and i still love these weird town things!! 5$
though it's a pity that you've put this very nice illustration inside a box. 3 :(

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I really think you should have taken it out of the box - having it sprawl around the shirt would have made it amazing.

I think you should have put a few little people walking around the streets as well.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I've been thinking about a whole-shirted maze design myself for like a year. But yeah, this design would be 100 percent more a-maze-ing (I deserve a life sentence for that one) without the border and maybe flowing around to the back of the shirt. Hey, where's the beginning and ending anyway?


yeah... no box. let it spread over the shirt.

Electric Puppy

5 without box,
but only 3 with the box.


colors could have been more interesting, but still its cool.


Lose the borders and let it sprawl a bit, let it lose the box shape, and it's a 5$. It's a 4 as is.


That's great, perhaps get rid of the border somehow and i'd buy it!


Righto. I took off the border and also made a Khaki version, as well as reduced the colors to four. How do I upgrade my design? Or do I have to re-enter it?
New versions at:



jacksos, i think that is a definite improvement. i still think reworking it create a less "boxy" square would improve it even more (although you'd probably have to redraw it...a pain in the ass). i bumped you up a number. kickass.


love this!

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

Definitely looks better without the border, but the bottom half is still very boxy. Sagestone looks good... even though I don't buy shirts in that colour!


really reminds me of every little town I have been to in Europe! In which I was getting lost all the time!!! LOVE IT! I need this shirt!


No Borders (no nations, stop deportations).

If you incorporate the above suggestions (look at that great posterlink!), I am sure you'll have a winner!


I'm so buying this, and it looks better without the boarders


Very nice idea! -- I don't think I've seen a maze on a shirt before... This looks much like a Highlights Puzzlemania maze, though...


:) - I like to think that the muted colors and the lack of people or "quicksand" dead-ends move it out of the Highlight zone.


brilliant! it'll be better without the border.


yeah, really nice. I think it should be available on grey or red.


this is great! pleeeeease without the box!


no border. just fade off or something.


i liked it when it was in a box, and i like it with the changes you made, to everyone else: it needs that degree of 'boxiness' to give it the idea of being a proper maze -- if i saw the picture going off the page i would assume that the solution could be outside what we can see - and i dont want mazes to do that

i have an idea -- because the paths are white you could include the solution in glow in the dark ink -- that would make it almost invisible -- until you turn off the lights!!!

by the way ... $5

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

brilliant. now, if only it didn't have so clearly defined borders...


I hate mazes.


this one is fantastic $5


This would look great without the border and more spread out and arbitrary-looking.

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