California Will be free

Hope you like it

Watch this

Some of the fragments are outlined and some are not. That's weird for me. Also, since it's kinda cartoon like I feel like there's something missing. Obviously CA won't snap off at the state lines, so I think it needs something else.


looks pretty cool...maybe outline everything, or show some happy people on california or something


Haha, I actually like how it's snapping off at the state lines! It makes it sillier.


I like how every other state is distinct, whereas the one between Washington and Oregon is barely visible. America a cookie? Because from all the dirt I've eaten, I'd say "no."

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kurt russel was in this movie!


actually, it will SOMEday crack off right along the san andreas faultline, which happens to be right about where the state line for CA is. maynard james keenan said it best about californians:
learn to swim...

ps: needs more detail to look like a topo map. 2


um, no


I'm a huge Tool fan too. But, it's a little presumptuous to say that anything on that scale will certainly happen, Nortradamus.


I'd like if if you could see people standing on California with a big word bubble of "Yay!"


Cali's going to go hang out with Alaska and Hawaii...

"sup" "yo"

Mazy Mallone

aha! ...

yeah, only in dreams.

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It looks like the rest of the country sneezed California off the map of america...and look at all the boogies floating out there in the middle of the ocean!


Well, obviously, this is what is going to happen when God gets tired of putting up with the state. 'Sonly a matter of time.


i spend so much time trying to convince people of this future.


Alaska can totally come too. XD


dropped?? what the fuck. i like this design.

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