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I dunno, I think it needs more stereotypes.


your drawing talents could be put to better use than perpetuating crude stereotypes. I have a feeling this was subbed simply to court controversy, which is pretty lame. 0


I think we just need to stop labeling designs as stereotypes, id agree with both of the previous comments if we were here to do political cartoons to have an impact on something, but their shirts, to have fun with its very obvious when someone wants to be crude about something and im sure the artist does not mean it, you can tell by what one of you said, his talent, so quit being so judgemental poeple that automatically label something as a stereotype are typically ppl that an issue. Lets stop labeling things all together.

Good Technique, nice use of line width, perfect size: 5


Who would actually wear this? 0.


kristian.israel... while I agree that there's talent evident in the drawing, I just don't find racist images to be "fun". To me this is the kind of design that would have been popular maybe... I don't know, 60 years ago? I don't automatically label things as stereotypes... in fact, I generally don't fall into the politically correct camp, but I find this design a little offensive. Hitler used similar types of exaggerated caricatures to dehumanize the Jews.

Duran Card

Stereotypes? You mean this isn't what Chinese people actually look like?


Hear hear. Everybody knows the Chinese don't eat rice or use chopsticks. Horrible stereotype. Why not just draw a Mexican eating a burrito?


I agree with wispywit. Can you imagine the fuss this would generate if this was a caricature of an afro-american with big lips eating corn or a jewish man with a big nose counting money ? Is this a reflection of the regard that Asian Americans are held in I wonder ? I also agree that this was subbed and accepted simply to kick up a storm.


He's not even holding his chopsticks right!

Fish Pie

Would be perfect to wear to a Klan meeting.... the white would even match with the hood. Maybe you could do a whole series? 0


I think this sub heavily relies upon clip art than actual illustration talent. Leaving aside the subject matter (which uses a dated depiction of Chinese people -- namely, the braided mane of hair), I dislike it when designers do not disclose the use of clip art. I modify clip art all the time for design jobs, but I never claim it as my own work -- to me, that is the same thing as only editing an article but demanding to be listed as the author.

I dunno, I think it needs more stereotypes.

LMAO! Good one, Choice Cod!

T and M

I'm offended that everyone is offended.


i THINK EVERYONE needs to lighen up IM MEXICAN!!!! i read the burrito thing LOL i find it funny ppl that get offended by cartoons need to lighten up, really everone makes fun of everyone in secret, who cares, but i agree that not all ppl are as tolarent as i am. why cant we just hug each other and have a make out blast!


OH by the way if you guys hate the shirt cuz its racist or whatever LOL wait till you click on the designers profile LOL!!!!!!


First off... what if he is chinese... which by his name seems very plausible... second... yeah everyone needs to lighten up... everybody gets made fun of and im sure youve all made fun of someone in your life, so seriously... chill... have a good laugh, and enjoy the artists ability.


by the way theres a tag on the back that says made in china


so despite the controversy... you have a great style. maybe it needs to be used differently, i won't go there, but you have a good style.


ROFL !!!!!!! @ second comment from Cordovad88 omg im laughing so hard°°° lol!

Sean Enright

i'm wearing it right now leslee..$



(backs slowly out of the room, closes door on submission and wills himself to forget that it ever existed).


i will not wear it.....


This got through but Glenzz' blackface design didn't?
Fucking double standards.

Vinh Tastes You

so fun.. aint racist but whatever. maybe because im an asian too like kristian.israel says...

thnx for comments btw ;)

dangerous dave

this is just plain crap... not funny even if you are asian.

Houstons Problem

I think stereotypes are funny. I think it's ridiculous that people allow themselves to get offended by them. What's wrong with stereotyping??

"I agree with wispywit. Can you imagine the fuss this would generate if this was a caricature of an afro-american with big lips eating corn"

I lived in Spain for awhile, and they have this candy, I forget the name of it... but it has this little cartoon character of a black native, carrying a spear, with these HUGE red lips. They actually gave the character away as a little doll to put on the dashboard of a car, when you bought some of the packages of candy. I think they were called Congitos, or something like that.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Um, yeah, wow. How did this even get out up for voting!? I find this really offensive on a lot of levels. Too bad there's not a score lower than zero.


textdutchsouthern on Sep 28 '07
Hear hear. Everybody knows the Chinese don't eat rice or use chopsticks. Horrible stereotype. Why not just draw a Mexican eating a burrito?

I'm Mexican.. and I eat burritos wearing a sombrero, huaraches and siting on a cactus.


OMG you ppl are not even ASIAN! and you get offended Pleaseeeeee niggaaa, chow lo main! yeah taco burrito! MOST americans need to remember LIBERTY an FREEDOm of thought (as well as expresion) "OH hey what you just said offends me!, i think ill sue you!" Thats sad but the rest of the world just feels sorry for MOST of the mentality that its upheld OH wait you probablly didnt like what i said! Censor me, welcome to the US.


al que le caiga el saco. ja!


totalmente de acuerdo contigo sagral! en china tienen comunismo la gente los ve asi por que su gobierno asi los quiere pintar es su culpa desde el principio! jaja broma


I'm with opifan64, regardless the stereotype, the design is grade A shite... I can see how this could amuse people, but you'd have to have shit for brains to even consider wearing this if you wern't asian.

Also kristian you might wanna reconsider using the "N" word even in jest, btw it's "Na please", not "please na"...

I think Threadless needs to tighten down on it's entry panel, they should have a "would we pay $2000 for this design?" frame of mind, and help filter out MS paint submissions from even being scored.


namE thats very sinical of you to make such harsh judgements on this guys design dont you think i mean i cheked yours out and their pretty much the same style technique you just happen to use white lines and color, good use of the paint bucket huh bud?


I think he's cute!

It would look better colored though.


this is fucking disgusting.
xenophobia is not funny.
i'm disappointed that i can't give this anything lower than zero.


Kristian I hope you realise how stupid your last comment was, if by technique you mean we both use a computer I'll think you'll find everyone does, as for style... I guess you can't tell the difference between a Picasso and some kid pissing his name on a wall, you know, as they both share very similar styles and all, with lines and that.

Now I don't wanna end up having some stupid cyber fight, but for someone who just rambled on about "Freedom of Speech" I think I'm entitled to my own opinion. Yes I agree I may have been harsh, but that was influnced by the subject, if he'd drawn a child being molested would you still back it up just because of the style? of course not.


You know.... If you're going to say that you're fine and all that with stereotypes, you are somewhat also saying that you're fine and all that with racism.
Stereotypes are existent because of racism.

Sure this might be all drawn and done for a comedic effect, but think about people who use stereotypes not for an audience's amusement. You're condoning that.

T and M

Ah the Reagan years...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I just clicked on this dude's profile and now i don't know which of the things that represent him on this site are the most offensive! Truly a sterling mind and wit belong to this gentlemen whoever he is.

T and M

For everyone offended, do some research on Asian packaging. It is usually very colorful with bubbley lettering and characters that resemble this. ----Could be the reason the artist can't understand where you're coming from, not being Asian and all.

Then again maybe I'm being racist for saying all Asian packaging is like this.


guys. it's a tshirt. eesh. there are about a billion-trillion-infinity-kajillion MUCH worse things in the world to be offended by.

maybe some of you who cry "abomination!" think you're fighting racism in the world by commenting about a tshirt design - i fail to see how this shirt is derogatory. maybe someone could make a design of a surfing pro-baseball-playing cowboy and call it "american" to even things out.

i'm not crazy about the design itself - but if you see this and think "racist", maybe you're the one with the prejudice problem ... (just sayin') ...

yay for tshirts!


congrats Vinh Tastes You, you have the most popular, most talked about shirt on threadless!


OK, just outta curiosity... is any of the people complaining asian?

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